Fusing items


If you fuse 2 items together, are you able to fuse more items later to a item that has already been in a fuse process before? Is it a gamble on what stats and or etc will be gained or added to the fused item?

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Fusing items
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3 years 72 days ago
3 years 72 days ago

The Relic will gain more PR and will gain 2 additional stats that can't me rerolled.

You can fuse as many items into it until it reaches 100%, you don't need to do it in one fusion.

Different Items types give different % Values(Weapons give more % when you fuse them into other items and also need more % when you wanna upgrade them)

The Item that you will put in the middle will be the one you upgrade and all other items you put into this item will be destroyed.