Frustrating moral tree unlock system!


I did play the game until a screen popped up and i had to make this moral choice, there was no indicator or hint that this would result in some skill tree unlocks and i also could not preview the tree while in this screen. So i picked one kinda blindly, only to check the skill tree and noticed that i would have wanted to unlock the other tree. At the time i thought, that making one uninformed choice would probably not lock me out of the tree entirely, if i picked the other one on all future points.

Now guess what my moral stands at +10 ... with no hope to even unlock the first node. This is really frustrating and a simple link to the skill tree in the moral choice UI would have solved the issue for me, so i could make a informed choice.

PS: So is there any other way to get the tree unlocked with my current character that already has finished the main story?

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Frustrating moral tree unlock system!
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