Friend still can't register an account (email verification not working)


I thought this was just a short, one time thing, but from looking at Stream reviews this is something that has been ongoing forever.  My friend's been unable to register an email for over 24 hours.

There's no solutions online and none of the links in the old help threads work anymore.

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6 years 60 days ago

We have analyzed the problem, and we found the following:

- The user created the Neocore Account in-game and did not wait for the confirmation email (or didn't get the email). This will cause Network Error until you verify your email address.

Solution A: Exit the game and search for the verification email (check spam folder too), verify, then restart the game

Solution B: Create a new account at (you can stay within the game), verify it (check the spam folder) and it should be fine.

If you did create an account from the game, you won't be able to login at until you have verified your account. If you did not create an account in the game, you can of course create the account at as stated in Solution B.

So, if you make a new account here, at the website - you will be able to login after verification.