Framerate Drop GPU almost inactive


Hi there!

My GPU usage, when i  am on a mission, does not go up at all (stays at 0-5% and gpu temp keeps cool at 30°). The game lags like hell and only seem to work fine when im at the starting area (Lobby).When im in the starting area, the game runs very smooth and the gpu usage goes up from up to 40-50%. 

My Specs are: i7 920 @ 4000, Gtx 1060 3gb, 8 gb Ram, win 10.

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Framerate Drop GPU almost inactive
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361 days ago
Airsick Hydra

Thx for your support, i upgraded my system last weekend to a i7 6700k and a 1070 gtx strix, and all runs smooth like hell. Seems like my good old i7 920 (even @ 4000 ) was kind of a bottleneck. He is on a farm right now with all the other retired cpus ;)

1 year 16 hours ago

Just because I edited the first response - Make sure on Nvid control panel that you are forcing your game to use your 1060 over your integrated graphics or other options. Might be because the i7-92potato doesn't include integrated graphics - so it might be confused on what the hell is going on :D

1 year 17 hours ago
Airsick Hydra
This. Be sure to force the Nvidia GPU to run the game and you'll be fine.
1 year 18 hours ago

I'm no techy but I can say the game is super CPU loaded at the moment, it's possibly your CPU isn't coping - This could be wrong but the i7 920 sits below their minimum spec if im not mistaken - But you are right that its interesting that it's not using the GPU at all. 

  • Processor: Intel CPU Core i3-2120 (3.3 GHz) / AMD CPU FX-6300 (3.5 GHz) (minimum spec)

Good luck with the issue. 

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