Frame Per Second and vertical bar


Hello, tell me why xbox one-xbox one x the game goes smoothly and there is no artifact. And on ps4-ps4 pro lag and the vertical bar goes down from top to bottom when moving. The difference is visible at a speed of 0.25second on yotube. I watched a lot of commercials and asked a question about playability Let's Play 5 different players, they all answered that the game slows down the frisite. I have a question why this problem has not been solved yet, are the sales on the platform bad, or who does not complain? See for yourself how the game looks in slow motion on the platform microsoft and sony.  

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Frame Per Second and vertical bar
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2 years 250 days ago

our colleagues are already working on the performance and according to our plans there will be significant changes in the general framerate but such improvements require time. Nevertheless we are on this!