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I've been anticipating your amazing game ever since I saw it back in January 2018 when I happened to see someone stream it and play for a few hours.  I then found your site after some looking and saw the founders packages.  I became very interested in wanting to buy one, however I'm limited to only having an Xbox to play on, knowing that an Xbox version was coming, I was curious if the founding was for console versions too.

When I checked with your store support, I was simply advised that the founders packages are only for PC, which confounds me.  I'm a huge Warhammer 40k fan, having played the tabletop for almost 20 years, played all sorts of games, and read hundreds of the black library models, and I was really interested in buying one of the upgraded founding packages, but why offer them only for PC? I would LOVE to see founders packages available for Xbox One and PS4, considering the game will be available for both, I would really love to both support the game from the getgo, and try to get some additional content like the art book and soundtrack.

Not to mention I would LOVE to have early access to the game! Please keep this in mind, I know the game releases fully in just under two months, but why not offer founders packages for console players too?!


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Founders/Early Access for Console
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6 years 118 days ago
Thank you very much, and if you need any help with testing the Xbox version, I'd be very happy to help :D thank you for letting me know!
6 years 119 days ago

We have partnered with Bigben Interactive, who will publish the game both on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. If all goes well, we will be able to share more information very soon and answer all of your questions. So stay tuned, and thank you for your patience!