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this is my first post here and I hope this area is the right place.

First to say: I've read the full Founding-FAQ and I can understand your point in this absolutely. Here I wouldn't be such a great help because I wouldn't like to play an unfinished game because I'm that kind of guy who loves diving into a game and/or a story. I'm so excited about this game and I'm afraid to disturb my up-coming experience.

Now to my question: I'm a great fan of the WH40k lore and try always to get my hands on books and collector's stuff. And you have such great and interesting stuff in your Founder Packages: the box, chalice and incredible pendrive. But they are way to expensive for a student like me. I'm thinking about the Master Inquisitor Pack. But there are three problems:
1. I would almost kill my over-used credit card (and my wife could me then, if she wouldn't love me so much)
2. I would cry the whole time for the pendrive
3. I have bad experiences with founder programs (f.e. Eternal Crusade)

So, will there be any possibility to get my hands on this stuff...please?

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Founder Packages Contents
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7 years 147 days ago

hey mate, totally agree with you - set the maximum price is the cost of a new computer with the body and a monitor((In terms of local prices))

7 years 146 days ago
Thanks for your support in this matter. Let's hope for answers and possibilities. Maybe more guys are interested in this?!