Forgotten Arsenal Bug


Hello, Forgotten Arsenal DLC not visible on star map after download , for PS$

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Forgotten Arsenal Bug
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192 days ago
The new Season update did not fix the problems I've having with the Forgotten Arsenal DLC.  Is there going to be any effort to fix this issue?
195 days ago
I tried to do some trouble shooting over the weekend and I think the problem is between the PS Store and the game.  I tried to test the DLC system by "purchasing" the free cherub and it does not appear at the Extras location on the bridge (as a matter of fact, I can't get anything at this location as the in-game store function doesn't work).  I also tried creating a new character and the cherub doesn't appear for him either (he hasn't unlocked the Agartha system like my Lvl 61 character so I can't test Forgotten Arsenal for him yet).   

I have to use the PS Store from the main PS4 screen as the in-game store function/link does not work.  I am playing from a physical copy of the game in case that makes a difference.  But it seems like my game and PS Store aren't communicating.

Also, according to my Library, I have something uninstalled relating to Martyr, but when I select either the Cherub or Forgotten Arsenal, it says "installed".  I can't figure out what is the uninstalled component.

198 days ago
Yesterday's server issues and resolution did not fix the problem I am having with Forgotten Arsenal.  It still does not show up on the map or on the special mission list.
199 days ago
Yes, I've unlocked the Argatha Subsector.  My level is 59, so maybe I haven't met a minimum level?  I've tried doing missions on the surrounding planets thinking it might trigger something, but no luck.
199 days ago
May I ask did you unlock the Agartha Subsector? Only after doing so will you be able to access the DLC.
199 days ago
I recently purchased Forgotten Arsenal (PS4) and it isn't showing up on my map.  I've tried looking under the L2 menu under Special Missions.  I also deleted and game and reinstalled it.  Any other thoughts?  
1 year 57 days ago

also you can tap L2 button on command bridge and choose bookmark "special mission"

1 year 57 days ago
hello sir, never had a chance to thank you for your speedy response! its a little late (lol) but thank you !!!

and i found it too !

2 years 13 days ago

Are you sure you searched it in the right sector? You can find it in the Ormeus system in the Agartha Subsector. In case you cannot see it, please reinstall the DLC and re-check it.
Could you please attach a picture to your post about the system if you could not find it? Thank you in advance.