Forge, shockwave targeting, balance/changes melee, Perk/doctrine



Adding new enchants  in forge is still broken for morality items or any items.  

If this is intened for relics/archeotech relics its ok we can craft relics/archeotech relics in forge, but morality relics can't be crafted and even on a full crusade most moral items drop only with 1 godlike and 3 primary/secondary enchants. 

Pls find a solution, maybe adding new enchants to moral items only in forge(enhance tab) for a high amout of credits/fate.

Shockwave on Power Hammer and Thunder Hammer:

Pls fix targeting delay on Power and Thunder Hammer shockwave, while in combat shockwave goes always to wrong direction/angle while turning left or right.   

Melee/balance changes:

With current balance changes melee is now worse than before on +11 to +14. Seems like you didn't test new multipliers with tarot hazards at all.  Running into "no crits" hazard is more or less impossible especially with 1 handed melee and shield.

Its nearly impossible to  compensate incoming damage even with "50% of all Damage is substracted from Suppression instead of HP" doctrine or inoculator while running hazards giving +XX% damage to enemies. 

Even without Aug. Body 2 incoming suppression damage and damage  is so high its not possible to compensate.

All stats/enchants giving HP or Suppression regen. are too low, suppression on deflect numbers are too low too. 

There're no melee weapons for crusader with +XX% damage per debuff" while ranged weapons still got this godlike enchant. So for ranged crusader new balance changes are ok but for melee its worse than before.

Pls fix Power Axe its worse than before, 2nd Skill is bugged/useless, go back to old skill with new tags or add a channeled skill tag.


Blessing of Saint Victorius does not work as described, died with full HP to one hit while fighting only one enemy .  This happed several times on +11 to +14.


Pls fix triple shot doctrine, skill damage is NOT halved and this doctrine shouldn't work/affect demolition armor rocket launcher.

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Forge, shockwave targeting, balance/changes melee, Perk/doctrine
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2 years 32 days ago
Yes, I totally agree with you. We need the ability to boost items. 

It's frustrating to finally grind out a relic/archeotech/moralty item with the exact main enchant you after and find it with only 3 other enchants. Especially with the crappy dropp rates even in crusades.