Forced 4 player online coop?


I don't know if anyone else is highly annoyed with this but I deffinately am.  I bought 2 copies of the Imperium Ed, One for myself and one for a good friend who lives in another state.  We wanted to just hop on and have a good time playing some coop together but then we found out that we "MUST" play with other random people.  

This is complete nonsense, we got to play a whole whopping 2 matches before he ended up having to log because half the night (at least 2 or more hours of just waiting) was spent waiting in a stupid queue of which after 10 to 20 min of waiting would finally pop up that a party was ready for which someone would end up "NOT" clicking ready which started the whole stupid process all over!

Also, another reason this system is unacceptable is the fact that after you finally go through all of that and actually get in a game, if for any reason someone leaves or gets disconnected, the whole group is now screwed and gets instantly teleported out of the mission and back to their hub.  This has happened to me now for the last 3 matches in a row and those 3 matches have taken me almost 3 hours to find/play.  This system does not work and needs to be tweaked asap.  Just adjust the difficulty for the ammount of players in the match, that way if 4 people loose a player the match can continue and the difficulty can just auto lower to accomodate the now 3 players.  If 2 players start a match then the difficulty can be set accordingly, if they add a 3rd or 4th friend because they "want to" then again the difficulty can auto raise appropriately.

Im sorry, I love the game but this forced online 4p coop is unacceptable, there is no reason I should not be able to hop in a coop session with my friend only; if I want to play with random people I can, "IF" I feel like it.  For $80 price tag I am very dissapointed in these extremely important issues.  Other than this issue and the target issue I love the game and hope they work these issues out soon.

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Forced 4 player online coop?
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5 years 328 days ago
I play with a friend all the time. You don't need to use the "Co-op-Console" on your ship. Just put his account on your friends list (or create a little 2 person cabal) and you can invite each other into a party of 2.