Flame, dear Flame (SOTI)


Season of the Inferno, how much time do we have left? this week i should be able to finish everything but collecting 2000 cortex fragments (will need approx 5 more weeks for that, couldnt grind and drop rate sucks for me), and maxout morality bar (im at 55/300, didnt see morality decision in a long time, and didnt have time or mood for continuing stories (i do have it now tho :D)...

TL:DR pls, anyone (preferably dev) knows when will the season end? will i be able to get redskull on my desk? thanks ^^

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Flame, dear Flame (SOTI)
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195 days ago
The story itself grants you 225 Morality points if I remember correctly. That would be the quickest way to boost your points.
197 days ago
ok, so, if my math is correct, and any God(s) or Daemon(s) is/are with me, i should be able to collect all the fragments (with like 40 to spare if i manage to drop all 200 every week and then during the monday and tuesday morning before 18). problem now is morality. its stuck at 80/300... and the assignments just wont come up with puritan choice (cause im not playing psyker in the season). sooo, anyone knows which, if any, "dlc" assignments have a morality choice? (cause i completed them on main so long i dont remember :D), or any way to boost it :(
203 days ago

I know, at least for myself, for a fact, if they were to reset the Cortex Fragments count now, I would be very upset.

Because I know how much grinding, playing hrs and frustration I gone through to be were I am today, and I am still having Challenges left to do.

203 days ago

so... there is absolutely no chance in warp for a change in event that would allow to fully complete it? (like, duration at least 5 weeks, lowering amount of required fragments, removing limit and increasing drop rate,...?) or is there? :)

204 days ago
I'm afraid this wouldn't be fair with those who completed the objective without the exploit bug. On the other hand we will pay attention to these details in our next Season.
205 days ago

yea, devs are good. im sure its some evil force above them thats making them do all that (bloody chaos gods, betcha its tzeentch and his damned plans within plans within plans). tis a shame tho :(

but really, this is bs. mon-thu, so many missions, only 37 fragments. most were hunts/assa.

i just finished several of hunt missions in a row, dropped 3 fragments over like 5 missions. then i crashed the game somehow :D

there was patchnote saying that people somehow exploited the fragments before it, wouldnt it be fair to either reset the progress for everyone and set it to another, reasonable number for the remaining event duration (like, lets say 1 hour daily for missions, average drop rate is 1 fragment per 2 missions, you can do maybe 4 missions per hour, thats 14 fragments per week, theres 4 (???) weeks remaining, set it to 42, donzo :)), tell us how so everyone can cheese it, or something? :( 

pretty please? pretty please with sugar on?

206 days ago
I am sure Marcopolocs and Co. will give us heads up in good time when exact the ending time for Season of the Inferno is, so there should be plenty of time of fulfilling the remaining Challenges, if you are en route at least.

En route is the meaning of that you are of course having the amount of Cortex Fragments needed up until this point to be sure you do have all maxed out by (preferably) end of this month.

Other then that, I will say you are lucky to be done with ALL the remaining Challenges, and apparently you must be a damn good player as well, eating through the hardest ones on Tier 5 even. Imagine you have even done the Get through X number of Missions 10 Lvls above your own, even. Not all are that lucky. I´m struggling (and likely many others) like nothing else with that, still.

Other then that, I´m still having 6 remaining Challenges to do on Tier 5. And you not done yet with Cortex, but everything else, is only on you really.

If I make my remaining Challenges in time, remains to be seen.

206 days ago
then why on Holy Terra are you making the events always so grindy :( what about fun? or why not increase the drop rate and take out the limit. aye, its covid everywhere, but some of us still have to work :D

oh well, sniffles. time to stop playing since i wont be able to have everyting :'(

SKULLSYYYYYYYYYYY!!!! ^^ ( imma miss him, already named all the skulls :(... )

989/2000. even when playing daily as much as i could from the start of the event. i either call haxx for those who have it (and want to know how :)), or bs from game to deny it (and would like to request Inquisition to interrogate the possible culprits and have them tortured, and summarily executed so it doesnt happen to anyone else ever again)

sorry for ranting. grind is really getting on my nerves. every bloody game that has fun potential has it, and without any good reason. if someone needs grind mehonix to keep playing, that game is not for them.

well, thanks for info anyway, i shall keep trying and hope for a miracle. until then, keep calm and slay heretics. ^^

the Emperor protects! and having a loaded bolter never hurt either...

208 days ago

I'm afraid that you won't be able to collect the required 2000 fragments if you still need 5 more weeks. The Season will likely to end before that but we will update you shortly about the exact date.

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209 days ago
sunfammit. even while playing as much as i could during week, i only got something like 150 fragments. im gonna need more than 5 weeks to finish :( and i need the red skull, it will make me faster :(

also, is it normal than some of my characters have morality tab greyed out, but have access to morality skills?

213 days ago

Yes, the drop limit is 200 per week. It has to be acquired with the seasonal character to have to objective count it.

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213 days ago

well, i hope for more than the "at least", maybe like 3 months just to be sure :D considering these drop rates. also is it still 200 fragments per week per account? (and if i get some on non season character, will it count against the seasonal?)

213 days ago
You will definitely have at least 1 more month to complete the objectives. We will come out with more precise information a little later but for now you can rest assured and farm the fragments:)