First stuck in starmap, then cannot talk to astropath


Looks like some warp entities continue to play the mischief with this blessed game.

Player ID: zeroapplezlp. (Steam)

The character was a Lv-68 Crusader.



1. According to the player, he created a new character( when network connection was poor), then found another old character (the Lv-68 crusader) get stuck in starmap and cannot get to command bridge. 

A tutorial mission appeared in his mission list. He could only play the tutorial mission. Seems something related to  the new character is interfering with the old one.

2. He tried  finishing the mysterious tutorial mission.... only to find it doubled!

The mission names in this picture are "The Survivor"(Lv1), "Making Contact"(Lv68) in English I suppose, yes, similar to the situation described in this thread: 

3. He later reported that he could return to the command bridge now. (after finishing the tutorial missions multiple times. I admire his perseverance) 

 But still he cannot click and  talk to the astropath. 


Don't know if these complex information would be of any use.  

Still, please check his account and fix this problem :)

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First stuck in starmap, then cannot talk to astropath
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1 year 257 days ago
Thank you, Marcopolocs! I am free at last! Huzzah!
1 year 257 days ago
Could you please check it now? You should be able to travel across the systems.
1 year 258 days ago

Hi there,

I took a screenshot of the star map I am stuck in. I cannot get out. Any help would be appreciated!!!

ID: MisterSerial

1 year 259 days ago
My name is MisterSerial, level 10, I used a special item that transported me to a mission, I cancelled the mission, and it won't let me exit the Draco system to return to the Atroxia subsector. I also cannot talk with the Astropath. 
1 year 279 days ago
Thanks! I will forward the issue to our devs, they will check on his account in a couple of days at most!
1 year 280 days ago

Sorry for the inaccurate information !

The player id in game should be  "zeroapple". 

(Steam id is indeed "zeroapplezlp",see

(The crusader is Lv74 now)


More details: 

Each time he returns from a mission, he could click the astropath for only once, and the old man gives him the same greeting dialogue as if this is the first time they meet.

After that, further clicks on the astropath get no response.

1 year 280 days ago

Unfortunately we cannot find his account. The name 'zeroapplezlp' is not existing according to our system.