First Impressions


Four hours in and I want to bring a couple of things to the table if they haven't been already. Just a wish list really:

- All commands unbound: I don't think I'm the first to bring this up but the camera controls are the main drawback here. I can lock and rotate with keys other than the middle-mouse button far more comfortably. Same goes for the attack options. Not everyone has a gaming mouse but when I do I want to take full-advantage of it. If I could bind my defensive actions to my right buttons and my offensive to my right I'd be playing a lot smoother.

- Option to slave the camera perspective to the mouse direction: This would be nice if you could toggle it on and off.

Looking forward to playing more.

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First Impressions
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6 years 178 days ago
Thanks for the feedback, nice ideas! I'm adding these to our feedback section :)