first impression of 40k martyr


ill put my TL;DR right here in the front so peeps can understand straight away how i feel then give an in depth review.

TL;DR - game so far is overall impressive for an alpha. after a few patches ive been able to play and learn the game. grav gun honestly is OP and either needs to be the general standard for all weapons of power to be checked against or balanced accordingly. graphics okay (i understand its alpha not all details will be implemented) Turret needs an overhaul hardcore. there is either a display issue or the game gets funky but i experience 9 out of 10 times random gun fire right next to my character when there are no enemies near me or the disembodies gun arm just starts shooting. also the loss of my equipment that im finding makes it hard to continue playing as finding better items have disappeared from my inventory.

in depth review;

Gameplay - So far the game plays like a diablo type game. combat works though the enemies can far out range you and shoot through and around map objects better then you can and can kill you faster then you can even retaliate. movement of the character makes sense depending on the class/weapon arc types you wield I.E. moving faster when you have light weapons and slower with heavy weapons.

so far each weapon has felt different and unique from what it can do making it so that playing with other players chances of you doubling up on weapons is rare. thought weapons strengths vary hugely at the moment being that the best weapon to use all around is honestly the grav gun. its 2 ability can just cause so much devastation its not even funny, while guns like the heavy bolter, plasma gun and multi-melta feel way to weak to use by yourself. the heavy bolter is way to inaccurate even when using the right mouse button ability focus fire. the plasma cannon has a rapid fire ability when i feel like a charged blast would benefit the weapon far more. the multi-melta should honestly be a channeled weapon that is best for being used on tank like enemies like dreadnoughts and maybe predator tanks, killer cans (if orks ever make it in) and the like if we ever come up against one. i didn't get to use the heavy flamer as i the one i found yesterday was removed from my inventory due to a nasty bug floating around. but in any case i would recommend if it does not so already should deal cone based Area of Effect damage and deal increase damage versus unarmored targets (basically anything other then space marine esq enemies.) id also like to see a lascannon put in dont know really what it could do but its left mouse button could act like a slower heavier hitting las rifle with a chargeable right mouse button line attack that can pierce through unarmored targets with a 50% chance to pierce medium armor targets.

there are only three armor types with abilities that can kinda dictate what you will be using for weapons but does not limit you from mix and matching possibilities. can wield either a jump pack, cyclone missile pack or a scorpion turret. the one im going to be talking briefly about is the scorpion turret. The ability it self is cool as you can lock down door wars and make escape routes to lead enemies down to escape and regen health. down side is that the turret will sit there and do nothing. ive had it sit still after deployment and just spin in place while i has 20 enemies right in front of it and me and its more interested in what the center column looks like then the enemies ripping me a new bum hole. also to top it off when it does fire it shoots small bursts and then nods off again while also more keen on shooting the floor or the walls around the target before actually hitting its target.

Audio - i know that this is still alpha so not all audio is there but what audio is present is very 40k in style. the music has a nice beat when you enter combat and then mellows down when combat ends. im very interested to hear what the foot falls of our character and that of the enemies in the game as well as hearing the mighty dreadnought stomp through the map. as it stands there is not really much in the way of audio that i can tell but that of the weapons in the game. the impact of the projectiles i dont think even resonate a sound yet.

Animations - as ive stated still alpha, but the animations of mostly everything in the game at the moment are very dodgy and not smooth. many of them act very sluggish or as if your frame rate doesnt even apply at all. ive had various bugs where enemies i have killed or enemies i can not see will start unleashing rounds into my character. ive had the arm mounted autoguns from dead corpses start firing at me long after the enemy has died. or ill just walk down a hallway and have stray bullet fire start hitting me and when i reach the next room there are like 5 enemies behind me that did not exist.

Graphics - i cant really talk about the graphics as this is a true alpha test. so there are a ton of missing or unfinished textures in the game but i will suggest that when it comes down to equipment armor and weapon patterns or maybe even give use the possibility of painting our equipment to maybe represent chapters or give the idea of where the pattern of equipment comes from. side note the star chart is amazingly vast but with only one galaxy to venture in ATM. i will say that navigating it from the very first moment was a tad long as you have to navigate through 4 separate nav maps before you got to the one with all the missions (dont know if that changed in a recent patch but i spent my first 5 minutes trying to get into a mission in the star chart.)

missions - as it stands they are the standard bread and butter missions you find in most games to help grind out exps, loot, and daily missions to give you that extra edge allowing you to fight that harder mission that you have been having a tough time with. no campaign or story yet behind what your doing YET and very much look forward as to what our hero (if he even is) will be getting himself involved in.

at the very least this game is in a playable state with some minor tweaks and patches to fix some very nerve wracking bugs. i would take a look at re-balancing heavy weapons as they are way to weak to me for solo play. fine tuning the enemies HP and damage modifiers would be helpful as ive run into a small group of 5 enemies and had my hp melted very quickly. fixing the bug immediatly that is causing found/bought loot to disappear is very important at this moment as it wont be good to test if its working as intended or not i have lost my starter weapons and most of my found weapons after i had logged out and came back after running errands and half my equipment was removed.

ive very impressed thus far with the alpha as i expected far more bugs then what ive stumbled upon. as well as there is a fair amount of functionality as well as a semi working skill tree menu with multiple trees to put points in.

im currently going to wait yet again for the next patch that fixes the disappearing loot as that makes it very hard to keep my character in a working state. i dont want to log on and find half my gear gone and had sold my started equipment thinking my gear would still be there when i get back.

keep up the good work guys very much looking forward to this game. so far you have done far better then space hulk deathwing.

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first impression of 40k martyr
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5 years 272 days ago
I think the audio is going to be REALLY important in establishing the grimdark feel to the game. As it stands now I don't really feel like the music captures the dark gothic feel of the 40k universe (particularly the loading screen music). It's alpha though so I'm sure it's just place holder music. Like you said I'm really looking forward things like what it sounds like when a dreadnough stomps, etc. I think it's going to need a really visceral feeling in order to appropriately capture the universe.