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So I have played this game for 4 hours now. So far enjoying it and am excited for the campaign for when it will be released. Having tried a few different weapon types I ended up sticking with the sniper rifle as my primary weapon of choice. 

So some thoughts:
- The big challenge it seems for me is balancing safety and speed. I an very easily handle virtually everything with almost no risk if I simply adopt the strategy of constantly running backwards and highly limiting what I fight, but I feel doing so kills enemies a lot slower than it needs to be. I am trying to force myself to stay and fight in a room (both for the challenge and to optimize how fast I get resources) but I keep finding myself falling into the safety strategy. 

- The alarms that teleport reinforcements in after a set duration seem to have a bit too much hp. I have triggered them and done nothing but shoot them with my maximum speed a decent while, however I only got it down to 25% hp when the time went off. It should at least be possible to beat it out. 

- Overall I am finding cover to be more a nuisance than a help for 2 major reasons: First often when I get in cover with big items, it seems I limit my own ability to shoot the enemy. Instead of peaking around the corner and taking a shot, my toon just ends up shooting my own cover. Secondly when I try to use abilities with a minimum range like sniper shot rather than not working because I am too far away it simply shoots off a wasted shot and puts the ability on cooldown. If I were not in cover my toon would have moved a set closer and shot as normal. 

-When my gun is out of ammo and I attempt to use sniper shot, holding the left click down will cause me to reload then shoot of the shot immediately rather than allowing me to do the aim action. If at all possible change it so it will react after the reload as if I pressed and held left click when not without ammo. 

-When I complete a mission but I want to continue finding any bonus chests I clicked the 'no' option on the 'are you ready to leave' button. The option then disappeared and I could not figure out how to end the mission. I spent a good 10 minutes just wandering around aimlessly until I finally gave up and pressed surrender thinking I would fail the mission. Apparently this is what I was supposed to do and I got the victory page. If you could, change the surrender button to a 'complete mission' button or something of that sort. 

-In one mission I came across a friendly. I am not sure if his death was scripted or if I was supposed to try to save him, but he died within seconds, so if I was supposed to try to save him, make them survive for a bit longer so we have a chance to do so. I ended up not knowing if I was supposed to or not. 

The only bug I found is that the chat dialog on the top right often appears and disappears within half a second giving me no chance to read it. This happens about 50% of the time. This also happened during the mentioned encounter with the friendly which is also why I didn't know if the dialog helped explain if he was bound to die or if he asked for help.  

This completes my initial thoughts. I look forward to seeing the future development of this game!

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First impression
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5 years 28 days ago

Some great feedback there - would like to welcome you to the forums! Posts like these are what are going to really help this game. Keep up the great work.