FIrst Impression


hey guys,

i want to share my impression after 2 hours of gameplay. 

"why just 2 hours?"

because people buy games on steam and they can get a full refund if they dont like it while not having played the game for more than 2 hours. that is why the first impression is more important than ever if you sell games via steam.

i created the character. the crusader. he feels pretty much as the discriptions tells. the first steps are mighty. they sound mighty. the damage is not mighty - but why should it be, im lvl 1. so i play through the first 2-3 missions and i get some off feelings.

first and second mission: destroy and kill everything. BAM im the right man for this ... for sure! as i face a larger group of enemys i see my HP drop and the games highlights the "cover  message" for me. ok ok, im gonna get some cover and THEN im gonna melt theior faces. i move to cover. press space. chaos marine throws grenade. cover gone..... ok. never mind, ima find another cover. press space. chaosmarine throws grenade. cover gone. ok. guys, i guess i have to kite you to death one by one.

i wont even try to tell you what to do "better", but i am asking you what is the point of cover as a central part of this game if it is destroyed or ignored by certain weaponry too easy? it is not clear to me what this game wants to be. is ist "just" a crazy hack and slay like Diablo/PoE (and so on) or is the tactical aspect key to win instead of raw godlike might like in others ARPGs? what makes tactics key? why is cover, that i can destroy THAT easily with a lasgan, or grenade so important? right now it feels like kiting the mobs lets me take way less damage than everything else.

i will go on playing and further share my feelings about this game with you. dont get me wrong, it is fun but there are jsut some things that do not fit together and that is what i was trying to tranhsport in that questions i stated.



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FIrst Impression
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6 years 266 days ago

Toughness may be quite different between various covers. A stack of crates cannot soak up enemy fire as much as a plascrete wall section. You can see the cover's healthbar when you press space. If you have the same type of enemy hitting different types of cover, you'll learn the difference between softer and harder cover ;-)

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6 years 268 days ago

Hopefully the update that adds the tutorial will make it clear that doing missions isn't the way to start the game--you're not gonna have the survival mechanics in place until around the time you start getting Account Levels, and you're definitely not gonna be geared well enough to do Missions.

Investigations are, currently (which is highly subject to change) the only way to viably start out. Better experience (marginally), and less of a flood of important mechanics that you may not have picked up immediately (such as a seemingly higher instance of enemy grenade use).

The Crusader itself is... kind of hard to pin down. Currently (and again subject to change, within the next week none of this will be correct) the Crusader is highly gear and stat dependant--that HP pool means nothing when you're soaking 3-5 times as much damage as you have health in a given 30 second window. Until you have about 50% damage reduction and 20%+ chance to block, you're gonna have a bad time, and that ties into some itemization issues I've brought up elsewhere on this board.

Hopefully with the complete overhaul coming, we'll see fixes for some of the points you've mentioned (and I've shared in this post) so that new players don't have to dig through forum posts to realize things like "Missions aren't starting content and you will get your face melted off" or certain mechanics that you (currently, and this will change with the tutorial I believe) have to learn either in-chat or from trial and error.

Good to see others posting critical commentary with reasoning, and hopefully with some more time in the game you'll grow to enjoy it more.