First impression



- neat looking and likeable
- I've experienced one really mean bug: The textures of some MOBs spread all accross the screen.
-the crusaders seals and battleoaths bounce around like the tails of a nine-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs. -->nope, no like. Such seals are made of either papyrus or really heavy stuff --> when Mr. Inquisitor turns his butt cheek a little they won't fly around like crazy. 


-FX: pretty nice, I like it.
-BMG: Not quite as epic as I've wished for.  Maybe something that goes along Wagners Valkyres?


-well, standard attacks seem to work... Oh, wait, there's more ---> controls are neither intuitive nor very responsive. For example: Throwing a grenade won't happen half of the time because the client struggles to give me my marker for the grenade. Honestly, screw the marke, I just want to throw a grenade to get out of a tight spot.
-I still haven't figured out what my secondary skills do in terms of killing heretics faster.
-Some Mobs tend to reset. One engages them in combat and once of a sudden they decide to return to their spawn point and also reset their shield and life to max. 

-well this thing is in my opinion quite a thing ... It doesn't show the stats while hovering over the item, it doesn't show my currently equpped item in comparision... Not cool.

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First impression
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7 years 99 days ago
Thanks for all the feedback! Vendor will definitely get improved, an item compare feature is a must have.