Fire Aura Bug


Something to be aware of: the fire aura granted by a Psalm-Doctrine works server-side during the in-level dialogue sequences. Which is kind of an exploit, although a pretty funny one:) 

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Fire Aura Bug
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226 days ago
You can certainly make it work really well with some Psyker builds- if you have a full AoE tree and you slot loads of the AoE damage shards. Eventually you can get the renegade morality capstone that turns it into warp damage too. It actually benefits my Psyker very nicely :)

228 days ago

Oh, I'm going to use it with all four characters, that I have:

1. It's great for a Heavy Flamer Crusader.

2. It works wonders for a dual Arc Blade Assassin.

3. I expect it to be a solid investment for an Empyrean Psyker.

4. I expect it to alleviate the Tech-Adept barrel woes. 

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228 days ago
I particularly recommend twinking your second character in a season by giving them that aura early on- you get some really funny cutscenes where various NPCs taunt you while dead on the floor :D