Finally it's the 13th and i can't buy Prophecy on Xbox store?!


Good morning,

finally the day has come, it's the 13th of february and Prophecy is nowhere to find on the Xbox store. Only to find through starting Martyr but without the possibility to buy it. My question is .. when Neocore? Don't torture us this way ^^

Best regards.

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Finally it's the 13th and i can't buy Prophecy on Xbox store?!
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227 days ago
I was able to buy it 30minutes after Marcopolocs answered here this morning, i startet Inquisitor: Martyr and from the main screen i was able to find and purchase Prophecy.

The Emperor Protects!

227 days ago
Please re-check it! Microsoft handled the problem in the store and Prophecy should be available individually.
227 days ago
All I can find is the complete upgrade edition for it I already have the imperium of man edition so can't find an individual place to buy it
227 days ago

You should be able to see it in the Xbox store now!

227 days ago
It should be out within less than an hour though I cannot guarantee that as the release hour always depends on Microsoft. I will reply back if the DLC is out!:)