FINAL RELEASE IN JUNE - reset of account again?


it sucks having to level up again... and it would suck even more if that happened again. 

will I have to do it after final release?

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FINAL RELEASE IN JUNE - reset of account again?
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5 years 179 days ago
was  more hoping that the emperor would protect my progress.... but maybe the heresy was too strong....

seriously though... I just play for fun and dont care much how many others play or how they upgrade. anybody buying the game a month or so later will still have to keep up. the real advantage is having learnt the dynamics... and that stays the same after the wipe

5 years 180 days ago
Can't we all live in Harmony and Acceptance that there will be wipe at release?

No game that I've ever been tester in allowed beta characters to be transferred to final release! Giving testers or EA users huge advantages? Where's the fun in that?

5 years 181 days ago

We will have one more character wipe at release.