Few more hours played


Just played a few rounds of Co-Op and progressed a bit with 'Cobra' my Chainsword n board Juggy.

1.) The difficulty makes coop experience feel wasted and empty. Not enough enemies, and not enough punch to justify 4 Inquisitors raiding evil dude compounds.

2.) The matter of movement speed will be an issue with Tank and DPS mix where little Assassins can zip around the co op map, but Tanky characters are struggling to keep up. This can easily be solved by having more tanky enemies in game to slow down the group as a major threat. More diverse threats will force players to adjust their load outs and play styles accordingly. You want players to be forced to work together. Embrace the suck.

3.) Coop is the perfect mode to have a larger population of Larger enemy tryped (dreadnoughts n such)

4.) Played a mission where it gave me a handicap options to choose a Guard unit to follow me, a turret placement ability, or 90% max health on enemies OR another option where I do 10% more damage. I don't see the point of any of these options. Minus 10% and max 90% are the same thing. Im confused. So I chose the Guard unit to follow. They lasted 2 minutes, and I didnt see any ability to respawn the squad. Again. What is the point?

Now here is a thought: If there was an actual  Imp Guard squad ability to be used in our load out, That would add some variety to our gear options. I would certainly make use of it.

*5.) As I am impartial to tank classes, I believe throughout my career in games that we have been misunderstood for people who ONLY want to take a beating and damage is secondary to us. This is highly inaccurate, and is becoming very frustrating.

Our whole design is to in fact do A LOT of damage contrary to popular belief. WoW and even SWTOR infected us with their philosophy on the matter and it became a habit for many games to follow. Our job as tanks are to do a lot of damage at Danger Close ranges all around us, that is why we are slow, that is why we wear heavy armor a shield and 1H weapon. We are a walking explosive. We set ourselves apart from Rouge like characters because they do High amounts of damage in front of them with high mobility. So please dont spread our abilities too thin where we can not kill anything making us boring as it often happens. There is nothing we wish to do more than purge. We just want to look in their eyes when we do it.

6.) I see mechanics for DoTs and those ablities, but not a lot of them.

Every class should be able to Proc or DoT something in their own unique way *cough* especially if they have a chain sword *cough*

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Few more hours played
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6 years 166 days ago

Can't say I agree with your #4. The 2 options just felt like another way to say the exact same thing. Not to mention you cant have both.

For tanks, I just want to ensure they dont become the "OMG, why does it take so long to kill stuff" class like many other games will have it, and never get around to addressing it.

As it stands, right out the box I feel the Jugg class could still be just a few pixles more quick in the feet considering how dangerous ranged combatants can be in this game. If you are in a jam, you cant really run away. Kiting as melee is counter to what the class is intended to do but even so if you run, the range on enemies weapon fire can go long and far. Or, if they add modifiers where after you drop a certain percent health you increase in run speed and other stats. Only time will tell because all the nuances are not in game yet. 

6 years 166 days ago

2. You can make a fast jugg as well. Use skillpoints and gear in that direction. You'll still have no dodge or some movement based attacks of the assa but you can be fast as well.

4. Enemys have only 90% HP left is a huge difference to 10% more dmg. If you do 70dmg it will be 77, if an enemy has 1000 HP he will only have 900 left. 

5. Again it's your choice how you gear and skill your toon. If you want to be tanky and you gear and skill in that direction your dmg is meh as for every other class. The game gives you every option without making you ultra fast, ultra tanky and make uber dmg. You just need to look what you want and make it happen.

6. Our Loadout is limited as well as the weapons that do dot's. If you like a specific dot you have to equip a specific weapon.