Feedback: Star map



First summarized feedback regarding Star Map :)

First of all: Hats off for the visual representation! 

  • absolutely gorgeous how the sectors, planets etc are shown at the different levels
  • travel animation is nice. Loading makes it stuck for a couple seconds, but I assume this will be smooth in the final release.
  • small thing here: for me the warp travel was blueish. Would be more fun to have colors closer to how warp is usually depicted (purple/magenta-ish, some small lightning strikes here and there?)

Regarding Info summary panel

  • as the stars/planets are always centered and look awesome, it would be nice to still see them after you select a destination (even though you will focus on the new information) Currently with the two overlapping, effectively only half of the screen is used.
  • suggestion: Split the info panel into smaller panels and move them to the sides. There could be a separater window for the system preview, the general information (left side) and the planet list (right side)
  • going with split panels, a separate, prominent Travel button at the bottom centere would be better
  • the panels could come in view with a short animation. Like how they could pop in on a holo projector. Example: from the selected item the panel (or panels) move to their designated place, growin in size and changes transparency to solid. Or blink into existence.
  • make the long, scrollable texts scrollable via mouse

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Feedback: Star map
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7 years 156 days ago

Rough mock on the split panels (for some reason it didnt want me to attach it to the main post)

Of course the individual panels would be nicely formatted in a window just like they are now.

The animated preview window of the selected system could also change location, depeding how the systems are aligned, how close you want it to the actually selected system, etc. If close enough, there could also be a small yellow line going to it, similar how the names are highlighted.

7 years 155 days ago

I love the galactic map and how you can go to a lot of places, but I'm concerned on the environments in the later game starting to all blend together and feel the same.  Ca you guy elaborate on how many different environments we will be seeing and if there will opportunities to go into the large Dreadnoughts and fight Gene Stealers?

Devs? Will there be a lot of different looking interiors and places that have unique looks to them?

7 years 155 days ago
Superb suggestions and visual representation, I second this!