Feedback on the game,mechanics, and such!


I get what you are trying to accomplish, tactical/position based combat. Obviously, I do not see all the plans you guys have but I just want to offer a bit of feedback. Please, make combat complicated and difficult. Scaling with gear/progression is important but add flavor to the combat with good mob variety and mob abilities that force a reaction from the player. The cover mechanic is unique, has great potential, and should be fleshed out more. The same with suppression. These mechanics can add a whole new level of depth and strategy to the ARPG model you are based on.

-AoE Dot on death for Nurgle minions/daemons. Please.

-I like the fast charge given to several cultists. Can minions have more abilities like this?

-More high powered, timed, and recognizable attacks that force cover.

-Flesh out defensive abilities for the melee a bit more. Maybe a short term near invuln that could be used against burst attacks, grenades, and charges when using a shield?

-Due to the tactical nature would friendly fire be appropriate? Maybe make it so if someone is in cover they do not experience friendly fire to the same degree?

-Armor? More even spread between mobs instead of Dreadnought and then nothing else with armor it feels like...

-The jet pack jump will not jump over things. You must have a clear straight shot to use. If I can not physically make it to the location I still see the ground effect where I clicked.

-The always open eyes of the crusader... his face looks like something from Half-Life 1. I know the Inquisition is scary but I don't think the constipated glare he has is the right type of scary.

The art and the music are fitting for WH40k. Spot on with the weapons, too. This game is the most promising WH40k I have ever seen and I am rooting for you guys!!!

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Feedback on the game,mechanics, and such!
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Good suggestions here mostly. I wanted to add one of my own.

Weapon specific internal GCD: So maybe i'm just doing it a little bit TOO right in my play sessions, but it's shown me a glaring problem in the game mechanics that most who use a ranged weapon all the time may not have noticed.

At level 13, I have put all my character points into the "assassin's school" tree (critical strike). I always start with critical strike in ANY game that has it, since it's a quick way to get a huge damage bonus. As it stands currently, regardless of weapon used, I RARELY see any NON CRIT damage.

My personal favorite loadout currently is the power axe and plasma pistol. What's the highest single hit damage number you have seen? Mine is 792.....

The ability to have as much critical chance as I do, combined with the fact that I can spam all 4 attacks from both the pistol and axe, added to the 1-1.5 second CD on these 2 weapons' abilities (except the OMG 3 second CD on a pistol ability) along with the single hit burst damage coming from the attacks of these weapons leads to one thing.

solo chaos marine TTK: 3-4 seconds.

solo dreadnought TTK: 12-15 seconds.

these times are achieved after jumping or running directly into a room full of targets, not the result of any usage of the cover system or attempts to lower enemy numbers through attrition prior to engaging hardened targets.

Forcing an internal GCD on each weapon (say .75 seconds or so) IN ADDITION to the cooldowns already present on weapon abilities would stop the kind of massive burst certain weapon combinations can put out.