Feedback on Psyker


I like the class and the idea of risk/reward with the warp heat but some parts of it don't feel right.

The risk is quite clear:

- in green, no risk

- in yellow, a risk to spawn a warp anomaly

- in red, a higher risk to spawn a warp anomaly AND self damage on each skill use

But the reward is unclear.

There are two rewards:

- positive warp anomalies

- passive bonuses

The positive anomaly has no explanation in game. There are only some hints to make understand they exist.

We don't known the chances to make them spawn, what they look like, what they do, how to use it...

It doesn't feel like a reward. We have to know they exist and, eventually, they are the risk of a risk: on a negative event, it can turn to be positive.

It should be the other way around : on a positive event, it can turn to be negative.

It's mostly a different way to present the same thing but it changes the mecanism a lot.

It's the ONLY reward of the warp heat for many psykers. It should be able to make players want to leave the green area even though there is a risk for a bad event.

I don't believe it achieves that the way it is now.

The passive bonuses are not for all psykers. We have to have it then choose to use it. Only one of the three starting psykers got one.

Then, the passive requires to have a high heat level to activate, either 75% or 100%, both in the red area.

We need two increases in risk to get one increase in reward. Not really appealing.

Something that would help would be to get a partial bonus at each increment of risk.

Example: instead of getting +20% damage at 100% warp heat, we could get +5% in yellow, +10% in red and +20% at 100% heat.

Partial bonus for partial risk instead of all or nothing to encourage to take at least some risk. Else, there is no point for the yellow area.

Moreover, there is what I believe is a bug in the risk application on a skill use.

Risk for each heat level is described in game as effect on skill use. When using a skill in green level, there should be nothing happening as per description of the system.

But, if the skill make us go from green to yellow, a warp anomaly can spawn.

Risk is not applied on skill use but after skill use, when warp heat is updated.

Psyker bugs:

- Inferno and Scryer's Gaze often get stuck in environment

- Molten Beam fires in the cover a few seconds before starting to attack the ennemy

- Fiery form destroys cover

- Inferno damages are not displayed on tooltip

- Staves and Rod are melee weapons but there skills seem to be ranged, so we don't really know what skill trees and what tarot cards apply to them

- Psyker items can't be salvaged

- Psyker items often have "+x% damage to" with nothing after

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Feedback on Psyker
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6 years 143 days ago
I would agree that Holocaust is absolutely disappointing. While leveling to 20, I imagined something (well, EXACTLY) like we had in VH-series, namely columns of fire MOVING from target to target actively. Instead, a stationary pillars which need to be channeled good while to spawn, and even then they miss like 50% of targets completely, allowing them a free shots at Psyker. Sure, some skill can be used to lower this 'sitting duck' effect, but the total effect is very, very disappointing for someone who played VH, used TWO kind of pillars with good effect, without them being imbalanced at all - and if remember the powerups and and configurability... I certainly didn't expected less...


Oh, as a mage of high experience FROM many games, I find some other spells disappointing and bleak, or ill-concieved - 60+ seconds for a simple protection spell, really??? Switch skills and wait a minute - voila! Those problems (IF the spamming of those can be one, debatable at least) are typically solved by high resource cost or such. 60+ coooldowns are mostly reserved for 'Wrath of the Emprah kill'em all' type of large scale destruction, and not for a stupid SHIELD.

6 years 147 days ago
if you go with armor braking/piercing skill runes you get 12% more dmg ot of the debuff tree and some more suppression dmg... if the bloody skilltags would work probably ^^.
6 years 149 days ago
You can even go to +15,5% for 7 points if you use staff + grimoire to slot 4 pyromancy skills.

Meanwhile, with Ranged Combat tree, you can get +16% for 5 points (as long as there is no ennemy within 5m, which is most of the time) without restriction of items and skills to use.

In my list, I forgot to talk about Holocaust even though I planned to.

One of the three last skills unlocked by the psyker but one of the worst skills. It spawns fix columns of fire randomly at close range of the psyker.

So you have to go in the middle of enemies and cast the skill hoping some column will spawn at a position that will actually hurt someone. At the end, you've taken more damage by exposing yourself than you inflicted by using the skill.

Holocaust shall be reworked. I don't believe anyone use it the way it is now. It's really disappointing as last skill of a tree (two others are way better).

Maybe spawn a fire column or fire wall at target and invert in the tree that reworked skill with Inferno (if it no longer get stuck in environment).

6 years 150 days ago
Realy good feedback but sadly not a single word about the OP dmg of the Psyker. I start to fear that the psyker will go live in it's OP state.
6 years 150 days ago
Many very good points, but heattree is actually quite good if you play a pyromancer - ok, all the "side"-passives do nothing for spells except "Witchfire Symbiotics", but theres 13,5% heat dmg for you to have in total.

One thing i would add: The visual feedback for warpheat is displayed for every member in party, not just psykers. thats a bit annoying cause its confusing when the screen suddenly changes in colour. although... maybe its a good warning for temammembers as well, got insta-killed by a warpanomaly from my fellow psyker today on my sader with 5.8k hp... :D

6 years 150 days ago

Forgot some points on skill trees (all already present before 0.7.3):

- Defense tree and Physical Attacks tree talk about the status Warped. From the passives in the PA tree, we can guess that it is one warpheat level but the tutorial page says that the levels are Safe, Imperiled and Exposed. No Warped.

- In Close Combat tree, some passives are of no use to a Psyker (bonus to Fleshbane or Combo skills)

- In Area Effects tree, there is a passive to increase area of aura skills by 10%. The only aura is fiery form with a radius of 3m. The increase to 3.3m is not really impressive. Increasing it to 4m would be better as it would make the change visible.

- In Area Effects tree, there is a passive to increase range of line or cone skills by 10%. But there is no line nor cone skill. Closer is Bio-Lightning which is a "path" skill. Don't know if the passive applies but if is does, the passive is not really impressive either as it bring the range from 10m to 11m - even less noticeable as the skill pierce foes but stops on first obstacle. Increasing it to 12m would be better.

- Heat tree is mostly about heat and energy weapon, making the tree less useful for psyker as your restricted to 1 1h heat weapon, so two skills. Some passives of the tree should applie to pyromancy skills as well. At least Spontaneous Combustion (master passive) and Volatile Output. Maybe Adamantium Heat Sink (for warpheat, with a lower %) ans Superheated Discharge (too powerful?). As it is now, there is no point to invest in the tree for a Psyker.

- Bottom part of the Support tree is all about Focus that Psyker doesn't use.

6 years 150 days ago

Update with 0.7.3 (some new things, some old things)

Heroic Deeds:

- "Unburdened corrected" but "Scourge by the warp" still bugged (stuck at 10/100k since a long time ago)

- Add an additional filter (so keeping the current ones) to display heroic deeds in progress only for the current class (ex: with a psyker, display psyker-only and classless but not crusader-only and assassin-only)


- Molten Beam targeting seems to be less effective than before (and I'm playing with mouse/keyboard)

- Death Augury still often doesn't apply on self in multiplayer games (no modifier for targeting allies, buff never applies on first cast and need 2-3 casts before applying, with 2min cd between each cast - no issue in solo games)


- Vulnerability modifier doesn't seem to apply debuff to enemies (or debuff is not displayed)

- More modifiers should be usable with Molten Beam (at least slow, blind, damage to cover). A check of what modifier can be applied to each skill and if it works correctly should be done before release.

- Armour Breaking description states "Ingores 50% of armour" (typo is from the game) while Armour Piercing description states "Completely ingores armour" (same typo in game), it would be better to unlock modifier for Armour Breaking before Armour Piercing (NB: Armour Breaking modifier has the advantage of not increasing warpheat cost, else I would have suggested to remove it completely)

- Haven't tried it in 0.7.3 but no reason for it to have changed: if we cast two blessing skill with the same buff modifier, the effect doesn't add (two skills with +10hp/sec will result with +10hp/sec instead of +20hp/sec). It should add or be stated that it doesn't add.


- Great visual feedback on yellow/red area

- In multiplayer games, feedback for yellow/red warpheat appear when we are in green area and I suspect another Psyker is in yellow/red

- Warpheat seems to increase faster than before and seems harder to reduce with a staff

- Moreover, yellow area is no more attractive than before


- Aether Blade skill can no longer be cast without a target is a good thing as it was way too powerful, but the skill can no longer be used to reduce warpheat and can no longer be used to come near an enemy behind a cover/turret. Maybe simply increasing cd would have been better?

- Pyrokinetic Staff is listed as Force Staff in the craft window

- Rods shouldn't all have the same second skill

- Haven't tried it in 0.7.3 but no reason for it to have changed: Wyrdvane Seekers go in a totally wrong direction when trying to attack an enemy on higher or lower ground

Not related to Psyker:

- Not a fan of PR displayed outside of menus, but at least don't display it during a mission

- Don't display the massacre or killstreak popup during mission if there is no bonus associated to it

- Add an option to not display item you just picked up

- When auto-loot is activated, make anybody loot for you and don't force everybody to go everywhere, it breaks the pace of the game way too much to have to backtrack for maybe nothing

- Missions seems to grant less account xp than before

- In the character menu, make the shortcut available (in inventory, pressing K makes me go to skills, pressing C makes me go to character sheet and pressing I close the inventory), not only outside of menus

- Various bugs: error pop-up on starting the game, crash on starting/ending mission (way more often than before last patch), no name in chat, party chat not working, team chat during a mission even though there is a party chat

6 years 173 days ago
Thanks for the great feedback, I'll post it to our internal feedback section.