Feedback on Psyker (v3)


I'm starting a new thread for my feedbacks on the Psyker (not exclusively). I already did one during the beta ( ) that I updated after the 0.7.3 update. But the update doesn't seem to have been read by Neocore.

So I start a new thread, with new things, but also some old things. As I haven't had the opportunity to progress enough to test again everything, it's not comprehensive, so make sure to read previous thread for the things that I won't talk here- but I listed here the ones that really needed a change. ;)

Heroic Deeds:

- "Psychic Barrage" is not listed in the heroic deeds: you can complete it, it is counted as completed (1/53) but it's nowhere to be found (and its perk "Psychic Escalation" is not listed either)

- "Scourge by the warp" seems to still be bugged (I'm not 100% sure yet)

- Add an additional filter (so keeping the current ones) to display heroic deeds in progress only for the current class (ex: with a psyker, display psyker-only and classless but not crusader-only and assassin-only)


- "Psychic Escalation" is not listed

- Psychic Channeling" description is unclear

- "Warp Heat Dissipation" should be worded "-1 Warp Heat for each kill" to use same wording as other perks

- "Tactician" second and third effects are separated by a "\" instead of a carriage return

- "Psy-ehanced Warfare" has a typo in its name

- "Psy-ehanced Warfare" is listed twice

- Some perks unlock condition are in the heroic deeds and some are in the perks description. They should all be in the heroic deeds for consistency.

Skill trees:

- In Close Combat tree, some passives are of no use to a Psyker (bonus to Combo skills)

- In Area Effects tree, there is a passive to increase area of aura skills by 10%. The only aura is fiery form with a radius of 3m. The increase to 3.3m is not really impressive. Increasing it to 4m would be better as it would make the change visible.

- In Area Effects tree, there is a passive to increase range of line or cone skills by 10%. But there is no line nor cone skill.

- Heat tree is mostly about heat and energy weapons, making the tree less useful for psyker. Some passives of the tree should applie to pyromancy skills as well. At least Spontaneous Combustion (master passive) and Volatile Output. Maybe Adamantium Heat Sink (for warpheat, with a lower %) and Superheated Discharge (too powerful?). As it is now, the tree is not appealing to Psyker that will turn to other trees.

- Bottom part of the Support tree is all about Focus that Psyker doesn't use.

- Skills need more visibility

- Puritan and Radical trees need a description

- Puritan and Radical trees have blank squares instead of icons for their skills

Psychic skills:

- Skills don't display there correct damage until they're sloted

- All Telekinesis skills are directly unlocked

- Telekinesis damaging spells need a balance pass: they don't do enough damage, they have too much cooldown duration and generate too much Heat

- "Levitation" description states that you don't activate traps while levitating but traps are activated when you cross a laser. Bug with the skill or ambiguous description?

- "Levitation": If you get to cover while levitating, you can't use skills. You have to leave cover, use skill to release levitation, then go back to cover

- "Levitation" should be in the first skills of telekinesis for a fast unlock as it bring a lot of QoL with a good balance

- "Shockwave" description says the skill deals damage to enemies within a 6m radius, but it looks more like 6m diameter/3m radius when using it.

- "Inferno" can stay active until the end of the mission

- (not tested in beta) "Death Augury" was bugged in multiplayer games (but worked fine in solo games) as the buff was often not applied on cast, requiring multiple cast (with cd started and Heat generated on all cast)

- "Extermination" is quite nice now but the description doesn't seem accurate: 1 column + 1/sec seems to be cast instead of 3 plus 2/sec


- A pass should be done on modifiers to check which modifiers can go on each skill (example: why Molten Beam can't apply Slow?)

- "Speed Boost" description states "Increases Movement Speed by 10" while character sheet gives Movement Speed in percentage. Shouldn't it be "10%" on the modifier?

- (not tested in beta) Same modifier on two blessing skill is not cumulative (having +10HP/sec twice only give +10HP/sec instead of +20HP/sec). It should be corrected or added in description if intended.

- Armour Breaking description states "Ingores 50% of armour" (typo is from the game, in beta) while Armour Piercing description states "Completely ingores armour" (typo is from the game, in beta), it would be better to unlock modifier for Armour Breaking before Armour Piercing (NB: Armour Breaking modifier has the advantage of not increasing warpheat cost, else I would have suggested to remove it completely)


- Rods shouldn't all have the same second skill (warp rod should give two warp skills, not one warp and one fire)


- Vulnerability debuff and their stacks are not displayed

- On psychic skill interface, the last equiped skill is grayed out, like an unequiped skill

- Allow shortcuts to enter a menu (I for inventory, J for journal, C for character, etc) to work will inside a menu for faster navigation between them

- Allow shortcuts to enter a menu to close it when pressing it again

- Add an option to hide PR during mission

- Add an option to hide the popup for loot you picked update

- On 21:9, while zooming out to sectors, the objective highlight is not correctly placed


- Shrine duration is too short - 20 sec doesn't allow to do much with the path of the game - it should be at least doubled

- Allied NPCs' life is too small and should be expanded - they can loose more than half their life by being hit only once (flamethrower for example)

I hope to not forget too much.

I will complete - or do a new list - when I find new things to add. :)

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Feedback on Psyker (v3)
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4 years 37 days ago
Forgot about "Close Quarters Gunnery" perk: "medium range" should be more explicit.