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Greetings glorious xeno purgers!

First off, great game. Love it. Seen the road map and can't wait to see some of this content roll out. Before the alpha gets too underway I just wanted to chip in a few thoughts regarding content and features that I feel could do with a little polish, in order to help make this the greatest warhammer game of all time (I think it could be) I've gone ahead and broken it down into sections


1 - General gunplay audio I feel is a little high in pitch, perhaps not the autorifle but the bolter in particular is far too high for what is supposed to be a hand held rocket launcher. Having listened to your interviews I know the feeling of "war" was important as a concept however at present with the game audio I don't feel i'm in the middle of a large battle. Perhaps consider a slight shift toward this noise if you would like to make the feeling more immersive. (This is perhaps a little too much bass but I think better)

2 - Enemy attacks which I feel warrant some audio currently lack. To give an EG when a dreadnaught is currently swinging his arm at me I feel like a wind up mechanical noise of machinery working should be part of this animation. Currently only hearing his footsteps and gun noise makes the fights feel a little more empty than they should. Likewise with the creatures of nurgle, i'd like some more noise as they swing their weapons etc.

3 - This is perhaps a case of personal choice but the character themselves (your inquisitor) doesnt make any noises or groans / grunts etc. When taking large chunks of damage I feel it would help make combat more immersive to get the odd groan etc. Many arpg's might go for some scripted dialoge when killing a big foe, perhaps that is a little far, but I do think some noises perhaps might be of value.


1 - The cover system is a nice idea but at the moment feels only 1/3 implimented. Shooting enemies behind cover with a heavy bolter for EG works amazingly, destroying the map and killing everything, but taking cover yourself feels quite awkward, sometimes shooting above the target, other times shooting and destroying the cover you ar hiding behind. At several times i'm also not sure if I am in cover or not. I see a blue outline aroud the items at times, but some difinitive feature (perhaps this is it) would be helpful to know I am mitigating damage. Overall - killing enemies behind cover = great. Using cover - Feels clunky.

2 - A little surprised at the lack of CC and crowd control on the weapons and the lack of stuns though the kits in particular. It normally feels like an integral part of ARPG combat, interupting enemies abilities etc and pushing back enemies when they get close. I don't think it's mandatory and perhaps not nessisary, perhaps too this is something that will ecome more apparent once the characters are fully realised.

3 - I'd consider giving some of the enemies special attacks etc that you might have to move out of, for eg enemy heavy flamers might leave burning effects on the ground. Grenades could leave a pool of plasma etc. The actual and exact moves don't matter too much but anything that makes general combat a little more interactive I think will help players. For those used to more hardcore ARPG's the stand and shoot might be a little stale. Although perhaps on harder missions more thought will be needed! i'll ahve to wait and see.

4 - Aimed shot - We are faced with a problem here, it's one shot of a gun, so in theory it should sound like every other shot. BUT. Moves on a cooldown typically come with more visuals within a game, yes I grant i'tll have the effect of blowign off limbs etc but at the moment the aimed shots sound and feel very anticlimactic. Perhaps changing the written text to "use a single round of blessed ammunition" - and have the move deliver a POW which makes the character look forward to using it again.


1 - Currently the mechanical dreadnaught combat seems slightly stale. 1/10 of these units attempts to charge me but it seems very inconsistent, otherwise they generally walk toward me and punch, on the odd occasion shooting. Given the combat with these lasts a little while I feel like giving them some cooldowns they make more use of might spice up the fights a little. Similar to moving out of the way of AOE effects. Perhaps stunning them out of a long wind up melee animation etc. Something to engae the player a little more. Perhaps aimed abilities will do this, currently though the combat feels a little long (with certain weapons more than others)

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Feedback and suggested tweaks 
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7 years 161 days ago
Valkyrie Neocore
oh and please please please change camera rotatiaon to the A/D keys, given we are already using the q,e,w set it would make so much more sense and sllow for more fluid combat... the middle mouse button doesn't work at all as one can't change camera while moving. I really feel this would be a useful change for players and make it feel more dynamic / solve a lot of camera complaints.
7 years 161 days ago

That's a detailed feedback. :)