#Feedback: Character, Controls, Camera


Ave Brothers and Sisters of Neocoregame,

after my first mission and little over an hour of game time in Inquisitor – Martyr I want to give you a brief feedback on the 3 C’s with a scale from 1 (bad) to 5 (great).

Please note, this is, of course, only my personal impression. It may vary for other players.

C1: Character (4)

Right now the only playable character is the Crusader, but it is ok for the first impression. The look and feel of it is great. I get the feeling, that I am an armored (tough) Agent of the Imperium. Sure there are some graphical issues (skins missing, lighting, shading), but since this is an alpha build and stuff like that will be added later.

What I would like to see is some customizations of the face, to make my character more personal. It doesn’t have to be a very complex system; just some faces to choose from would be a great start.

C2: Controls (2)

To be honest, I feel it a bit exhausting and out of the 3Cs, it needs the most work. Maybe I am used to different control schemes, but as an Action-RPG, it feels not right. I don’t know if you have played Neverwinter (Link), but for me this control scheme would be nearly perfect for your game (and for WH40k in general if it is not a shooter!)

So straight to the point, if you could ad an alternative control scheme to the current one similar to Neverwinter, it would be really great!

C3: Camera (3)

Controls and camera goes hand in hand. Right now, the camera is ok-ish, but to see further, with a lower angle to zoom in (again, similar to Neverwinter) would be a great addition to the alternative control scheme (see C2).

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#Feedback: Character, Controls, Camera
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7 years 72 days ago

The camera needs work imho. The angle at max zoom out is off. I find myself trying  to tilt my head to see more.. :o

7 years 155 days ago
I'm happy to help Megapull. 

P.S.: You really need to work on the controls ... (can't stress that enough ...)

7 years 155 days ago
Thanks a lot for the feedback man! I agree, more or less, and thankfully our plans are to improve these in order :)