I'll try to summarize my feedback and personnal thougt after 51 hours of alphatest.

I've spent 51  hours of alphaplaying as a crusader. I've done both solo and coop missions. My only character, crusader rank 26, has tested all weapons and armor he could.

  • Ingame chat : need improvements, in all aspects, both appearance, custom options and reactivity. And the damn tool has to stop to change default channel each time you enter or exit from party / mission.
  • Crash while in missions : won't be a problem if character  wasnt automatically team kicked, unable to join back.
  • Attack range from enemies : it feels really unfair and really crazy to be attacked from more far than the longest ranged weapons allow to character.
  • Weapon sound : not really good nor bad. But i dont feel the power, the thunder or the emperor rage when using boltgun nor HB, or any other weapon.
  • Melee : definitely need improvement, both in reactivity/speed from skills, than damage. You kill faster and easier from cover than in melee, where damage from enemies disintegrate you in seconds. 2 handed need more Aoe / range. All melee weapon need serious adds in the mobility/speed department.
  • Ranged combat : Heavy weapons like HB feel so weak. If my character has to move so slow and be a dead snail because he's wearing one, it should result in bigger damage over time than with autogun (who's faster to use, more reactive and allow  faster moves). I really hope we wont see the eternal dumbness of absolute balance between weapons, in WAR 40K : martyr. Pistol can't be equal to autogun or bolter, who can't be equal to heavy weapons. Weapons should be differencied through perks and side effects : faster / slower moves, skills reactivy, ammo capacity, global swiftness, variety of skill, QoL effects, etc (applies both to melee and ranged weaponry).
  • Skilltrees : they look interesting, and testing some of them felt rewarding so far. Thoerycrafting looks promising on the long term.
  • At least 2 skill trees are missing so far, imho (may be i haven't unlocked them yet) : Range increase for ranged weapons and piercing effects. We need to be able to slightly increase effective range of weapons (tactical aspect, distance management), from 1/2/3/4/5 meters for short range ones, and 2/4/6/8/10 meters for long range ones. Also, piercing effect is missing : all projectile could have a low % to pass  through a killed / harmed target, and inflict 50% of it s damage to the creature behind. Skilltree would improve both probability% and damage, for multitargets piercing round and short effect (proc on condition) of a 100% piercing chance for a few seconds. (note : i haven't tested all skilltrees nor unlocked them. So my observations may to appear irrelevant, if what i'm asking for is already integrated to the game).
  • Gauss and electrokinetic weaponry : any chance to see it implemented ? Maybe it's not fully warhammer 40K native, but i dont see any problem to integrate them. (don't have the time to check my tomes, i'll let more accurate peoples check this).
  • Where's the power  gauntlet ? (1 handed version and heavy versions).
  • Where are elemental damages ? There's fire and poison. But what about frost and electricity (considering laser is heat) ? Maybe with psyker ? Or warp damages replace some of the classical elemental damage types ?
  • Armors : the missile skill from demolition armor is 60 sec CD. The jump from assault armor is 5 sec. The gap is too huge. Factor in the far better damage mitigation from assault armor. So near everyone is using assault armor. Ive done around 150 missions, and i rarely see anything else than crusaders with assault armors. Wonder why ?
  • Solo campaign. I can understand the goal behind it. But being able to play a story with friend, in coop, is often my main center of interest. I hope you will solve this, by allowing story mode being playable in team. Maybe you could integrate a positive / negative  bolster mode for story / campaign ? (instead of limitating it to solo mode). I.E. : a power rating 1200 character want to help a power rating 300 character to progress through it's story. The story is at a theorical PR of 400. So both of them could  be temporary up/downgraded to PR400, just for mission. Remember about city of heroes / city of vilain level adaptation, allowing players to play TOGETHER without restriction , no matter the level gap. It was a huge argument in favor of teamplay, allowing real life friends to play together even if some were hardcore players, and other didn't have much time because of work, familly, kids. And i really  think that the goal of a well rounded coop game is to ensure peoples will be able to play together, without any limitation. Of course, XP acquisition through this method has to be controlled, to limit excessive powerleveling or no leveling at all. A reward is always needed and due, but in a fair way / quantity. And think about the fact that it's a good argument to sell MORE games !
  • We need to be able to steal dreadnought, and pilot them ! (or  build some ? for specific robotic mission ?)
  • Turrets stolen to ennemies feel weak / slow / unreactive, most of time.
  • Heavy weapons bullies hit like trucks. I'd really like my HB or other HW hitting half hard ! Actually, heavy weapons seems to incarnate a speed movement penalty, nothing else.
  • LFG tool : need to integrate rank range, PR range, mission type, etc ... We need to be able to launch mission when 2 or 3 peoples hit 'ok' button. And mission need to be reachable for a 3rd or a 4th members, even if already launched.
  • What about TPs or FPS view modes ? As options ? I'm asking this for two reasons. First, when commanding / controling heavy turrets, i appreciated the view / rendering. Second, FPS view is the game mode that doesnt drive me to sickness. I know and understand  how / why this game is not and won't be a FPS (and shouldn't be). But sometimes, i really dont understand why the addition of an already integrated option isn't fully allowed to players, especially considering health parameter / QoL and gaming experience  (photo-epileptic, to name it).
  • Cabal war : i've no idea of what will be implemented , and how. I just hope that the defenders will have the possibility yto us turrets dans dreadnoights they've build ?
  • Enemy Factions : What kind of race / faction can we expect on the long term ? Eldars ? Dark eldars ? Tyrannids ? Genestealers ? Orks ?
  • EDIT : on coop, add a marker when a character is dead / can be reanimated.
  • EDIT : jump attack from assault armor : pathing is crazy sometimes. Cant go from a room to another, or cant jump 3 meters ahead, even if there's no obstacle.
  • EDIT : thinking of HB (after further testing). It feels too slow, imprecise, gimmicky (both on effect and skills variety) and too few rewarding in terms of damage, considering the movement speed penalty. 1 should be regular attack 2 a burst single target attack, 3 a burst area attack and 4 the actual salvo CC attack. Just my point of view.
  • EDIT : i just crashed on the last objective from mission (boss at maybe 10% life). Having to do ALL the mission again is a huge fault, and asking to player to do ALL again while a crash occured at 1% from the end is trash. I really hope such features won't come with game on release.
  • EDIT_2 : I'd say there's one more missing skilltree. A generic one, which always work. and since the existing skilltree are incremental (more than multiplicative) in their effect, it would perfectly fit. Let's call it the gamer skilltree (as a bonus for alpha tester maybe, once game is released?) : 
    • first line : 3 points for 1/2/3 for a grand total of +6% to account xp
    • second line :  3 points for 1/2/3 for a grand total of +6% to rank xp
    • third line : 3 points for 1/2/3 for a grand total of +6% to global PR
    • fourth line : 3 points for 1/2/3 for a grand total of +6% to fate and money gains
    • central spot (once the 4 lines are completed) : 
  • EDIT_2 : thinking about the flat and linear +30% HP per character in team. I dont think it's a good option, especially linear. I'd more think about +10% for 2 ppl in team, +25% for 3 and +50% for 4 ppl (+10/+15/+25 = non linear). Why ? Cause it softly kills the interest of playing  in coop. Encouraging peoples to play together is also a part of a game's rules and virtue.  There's another advantage to combine non-linear mod. to mob's HP with PR. A team will have to consider the number of teamates AND the difficulty they want  / can handle. As a last argument, i'd say that linear increase in mob's HP is a love killer : no matter how strong you are or how well your organize with peoples, it's like the world is always stronger than you, proportionnally and with a huge margin. Personnally, i prefered when mob's HP was constant, allowing bigger teams to deal with higher rating missions. And again, PR filter alone (for incoming / outgoing effects) was genius and self sufficient to a very balanced game (as long as peoples can roll higher PR mission when they are in a full team).
  • EDIT_3 (29/09/17) : i experienced many crash / log out while in mission. For every occurence, (and for the first time) i've got he opportunity to join back inside mission : excellent !
  • EDIT_3 (29/09/17) : i didn't insist enough about the fact : i very much appreciate that skilltree arent attached to specific weapons or armor, but to effect categories. Keep this up ! It allows for very interesting build management.
  • EDIT_3 (29/09/17) : After further testing, i must admit that if i dont like the idea behind the +30% to mob's healthpoint, it seems to work.
  • EDIT_3 (29/09/17) : after re examination of the heavy weapon pool, i must admitt that HB in particular works well in terms of crowd control and inside team. If i don't like the actual 'balance' of separate weapons, i must admit that there's a 'global' balance of the weapon pool. And i'm aware that touching one, will deeply affect all the game and the aforementionned 'weapon pool global balance'.
  • EDIT_3 (29/09/17) : the game is so great ... i can't stop thinking to semi open world = huge static map with more than 4 players. Future will say !
  • EDIT_3 (29/09/17) : weapon swap= too sluggish and laggy, for me. It interferes a lot with the need and will of active and reactive / adaptative gameplay.

That's all for the moment. I'll try to update as alpha will progress. But for the moment, the game looks very promising, being extremely enjoyable.

And as a 40+ y.o. old school pen and paper RPG player & games workshop stuff fan, it's the first time i feel like i've put my hands on the so long awaited true online game, that fully render the warhammer 40K unniverse and gameplay.

Keep on the greatness !

PS : Please forgive spelling, grammar etc. I'm not english native, and writing this was a defy, for me. Thanks for reading it.

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6 years 280 days ago
Posted by TonTonUB 6 years 280 days ago

To precise even more, i was thinking of :

- 3 minor perks at level 10 / 20 / 30

- 2 medium perks at level 45 / 60

- 1 major perk at level 75

PLEASE : i can't find the option to modify / update replies * comment  (only main post can be edited). It could be usefull to allow editing replies / comments. 

You can edit post but only for 3 minutes after posting it. Have to click the down arrow to the right.

6 years 280 days ago
Posted by TonTonUB 6 years 280 days ago

Ooops, typed too fast my previous post.

  • (When talking about perks, 3  being to few for 90 levels) . I meant that 1 perk at each indicated stage (rank 10-25-45-70-95 or at rank 10-20-40-60-90 or any other combination) would fit, from my player point of view (for a grandtotal of 5 perks instead of 3 ... yes, it's a lot, but perks are good ! Give us more ^^)

To precise even more, i was thinking of :

- 3 minor perks at level 10 / 20 / 30

- 2 medium perks at level 45 / 60

- 1 major perk at level 75

PLEASE : i can't find the option to modify / update replies * comment  (only main post can be edited). It could be usefull to allow editing replies / comments. 

6 years 280 days ago

Ooops, typed too fast my previous post.

  • (When talking about perks, 3  being to few for 90 levels) . I meant that 1 perk at each indicated stage (rank 10-25-45-70-95 or at rank 10-20-40-60-90 or any other combination) would fit, from my player point of view (for a grandtotal of 5 perks instead of 3 ... yes, it's a lot, but perks are good ! Give us more ^^)
6 years 280 days ago

Hello again,

After more playtesting, and before the upcoming wipe, some random thougth :

  • Level & rank : I like a lot the combination of character rank and account level. Rank represent the investment in a particular character, and the more il played it, the more perks are unlocked. Account level is like a mastering certificat. And it's a self bolster / gift made to the 2nd and 3rd etc ... characters i would level / play later. It's like not to do it again from scratch, even if they start from rank 1 : it's extremely pleasant and rewarding. Instead of asking for help to boost a new character, i get some help , proportionnal to my initial investment (in my first character). Leveling of both has to be adjusted, but since it will be fixed soon ... perfect ?
  • Perks : i'm not sure of how many ranks character will be able to grind (90 ? more ?), but i feel like 3 perks available on such a frame, isn't enough. Scaling doesn't feel smooth either. I'd prefer (my taste, your game ^^ : i know, sorry) something like 10 / 25 / 45 / 70 / 95 etc ... (yes, it's a lot of perk for a single character, and a lot of work for the team. But it's also more fun for all of us ! ).
  • Weapons. I wanted to point two weapons specifically, because they are (imho) iconic.
  • Bolter : near perfectly designed (except sounds). It's a solid weapon, with very good  skills. Powerfull but not too much, it still requires to switch to another weapon, depending on situation. If i had to give a note on the 'shoot and fun'o'meter' (on 10), i'd put 10 minus (because of sounds). I'd also like some burst skill on it but heh, can't have  butter, bread, cow, etc ... can i ?
  • Plasma gun. Near perfectly designed (except skill 2, but again, butter bread etc ... i feel like a charged skill would fit better) (sounds are horrible). It's powerfull, fun to use, and the 'passthrough' aspect of some skills is just excellent /so well found. But despite its qualities, the weapon still requires to be switched off, depending on situations. If i had to give a note on the 'shoot and fun'o'meter 10', i'll put a 10+ (on 10). Oh and as a final observation, it's one of the only heat weapon well balanced about heat management.
  • Why those observations on these weapons ? Cause they are fun to use, efficient not not too much, good  but not perfect. and they need to be siwtched off depending on situation. And they are fun to play with, again. I just hope they wont  be nerfed down to oblivion, but that all the stuff will be 'upped' to reach the same level of 'fun and fire' instead of 'fire and forget this weapon' (bad joke, sorry).
  • Damage type : On most weapon, i simply dont know what damage type i deal. In the game guide, there are 3 damage types listed. On most weapon, i have other damage type listed (kinetic instead of physical, for example). Doesnt help a lot. And i still don't have a clue about what kind of damage the grav gun deals, for example. Very counter-intuitive also.

That's all ! Thank you for reading.

Keep up the excellent game and  job ! 

6 years 289 days ago

and again ...

  • I dont know if this game need an auction house ...
  • BUT i'm sure i need an option to share loot with friends / teamates. A right click option (while in team) on a item in my inventory > send item to someone in my team. Thank you !

6 years 290 days ago


  • The game MUST allow to level up the rank, while playing in team ( outside tarot missions ). I play coop online game TO AVOID solo gaming. Thank you. 
  • Actually, on alpha, i'm a bit stuck. My account level is 31 and rank 34. Character is PR 900 and the next mission campaign is like 1100. I dont want to fall ma cause tryin to achieve a +200PR mission again, solo of course. And i can't continue to spend tons of fate JUST to rank up.
6 years 291 days ago

Hi again.

After more testing, more reflexion on this so awaited and promising game !

  • I totally missed some parts about PR and it's impact in coop. So many of my previous comments become irrelevant.
  • To help us (and me!) to understand that  in team, there's a bolster of PR based on the PR of the lead character (the one who select the mission, or the  higher PR one ?) : maybe add some visual indicator of the boosted PR ?
  • In mission : we don't know if teamates are harmed / dead. Maybe add some health indicator on portraits ? and a death symbol indicatig that someone waits for a rezz ?
  • I insist, but game is so great already : we need secrets areas ! (both visible on radar, and invisible to radar). How add them ? Create 3 categories , link them to the 3 class. Category 1 : breakable (require a crusader to be forced) /// Category 2 : sealed (require an assassin to picklock / hack) /// Category 3 : phased (require a psyker to modify atomic structure and pass through). Just an idea thrown like this , but ... Secrets is always a key to gamer's awareness instead of blind-rush, especially if secret areas have a higher chance of drops / caches / special encounter / untold secrets (or lore leading to more : invisible mission in non labelled sub sector from outter space ? ) / leading to an alternate mission / zone.
  • May be it's already integrated, but Tab targeting could help. Personnally, i become crazy when my character move to a target instead of shooting it, especially when i misclick / lag click  / whatever malfunction (both from gamer a.k.a myself, computer or software).
  • The weapon system is very great (aoe, duration of DoT and zone, range, burst, salvo, channeled skill, etc ..). SO i repet myself, but please don't fall in the classical trap of "weapon balancing around dps". A pistol can't deal the damage of an assault rifle, nor those can deal the dps of a heavy weapon (most of time , in most of situation). your approach of penalyzing speed when wearing heavy weapon is perfect. But i dont feel the counterpart when using HB, or other HW. I kill faster with dual bolt pistol or boltgun, and it feels weird.
  • Nice variety of weapons. It's fun to try all of them. And it's even more nice to adapt weapons dependant on mission, playing solo, coop of 2, 3 or 4. Having someone CC, another one AoE'ing and the other 2 dps'ing both from range / melee is just what i expected from a coop warhammer 40K ARPG-like. 
  • Melee definetely need some tuning (especially in the reactivy departement, fluidity of skill chain, and gap closer).
  • Tarot mission are great, except about rewards. I'd prefer more control on 1 reward, instead of tons of ... garbage ? Maybe at the cost of more. I can deal with blue / green mostly droping from regular missions. But i'd like some 50/50 guaranted reward on 1 item per tarot run (purple / relic).
  • Powerfull item droping should / could be used by mobs on the player ^^ In borderlands 1, you could see enemies shooting you with legendaries (hellfire especially), and it was fun to survive to it, and looting it was rewarding. No idea of how it could  be balanced / integrated. But having to beat the wearer of a desired item before getting the item, and having to survive to the encounter is always fun and rewarding (in pve for me, since i dont care much of pvp).

That's all !

Can't wait for next patches, and to investigate new craft and psyker.

Keep on the wonderfull job and art.

6 years 291 days ago
Waow! Very nice feedback! Added to our feedback notes. 
6 years 293 days ago

some more thoughts:

  • Do the failure / success from secondary / tertiary / optionnal objectives in mission, affect XP gain (and loot) ? If not, it should.
  • We need dummies / targets on the command bridges to test weapon skills ! (or all the skills).
  • Timed and Tarot Missions could use of an optionnal goal : find and kill a named boss (bigger / stronger than regular dreadnoughts, etc ..). Success would improve both xp / loot rewards. Would also partially break the 'fast grind' mood.