Feed back on a few issues


First on the nurgle tile sets it is not cleat where you can walk and what is impassable even though it is not raised or anything  yet the player must run around it.

Cover - Once a cover is 100% destroyed it need to either allow the player to walk over it or have a   new  graphic that shows its  rubble.   currently there is nothing  left on some maps  and you just run into it  and get stuck.

Impressions on meelee.  Still seams too squishy and  needs to have some love  even when holding a  shield and axe.  Just holding a shield  should up your deflection  and armor by 50% 

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Feed back on a few issues
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6 years 272 days ago

There is a graphic after cover is 100% destroyed  it looks like rebar sticking up out of the ground but is almost impossible to see and I agree once destroyed it shouldn't restrict your movement