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First want to thanks all the Devs' hard works for provider this new build, much better and feel like a excatly Inquisitor and 40K game, but also some feed backs I want mentioned here

1.Cabal member limited

so far it seems 20 is too few for a cabal, dont know if same issue happend in  other  region, but here in Asia especially China, the first hour when I create a cabal it was full, and still about 40 player want to join, even the Master upgrade the cabal limited it would still not enough.

2.server issue

sometimes when coop, a lot of issues that do not exist in singleplay would appear, like the rank reward would not be given after the mission reward screen. And sometime the host after hosting 4-5 games would become extremly lagging, the first 405 mission would be no issue and good ping, but after that it would become lagging. We've tested this with different players in our cabal, 8 out of 10 of them would have this same issue. And some player experienced no mission reward after finished a mission, some could fixed it by relog in but some would not(already private messaging this to Megapull about this issue and some players lost items are back, nice job for this one!)

3. Fate is a bit difficult to get in game

many players in my cabal complain about the fate point in game, so far it seem the only effective way to gain fate is from Daily missions, but that's still slow cuz only one daily would be added per day. Other method like Influence and selling purple items to vonder only gives little amount of fate. The mission reward only gives fate point no more than 10, and for someone who want to loot purple by using the tarrot missions or upgrade the techtree ifor the Tech Presit, it would be a long and painful experience for them. IMO we should have more ways to gain fates, more sources of the fate points.


Dont get me wrong, everyone I asked so far all love the Execution in game, though the audio are not yet finished they still love it. However someone complain sometimes the unexpcet Execution would be a drawback for the gameplay, eg. when you are low HP and accidently Execution the Eilte, the regular enemies around it would stop their movement, and make the gameplay feel a little bit unreal.

also some times player may not want the Execution to be performance everytime, like in  a time limited mission, right now due to the Execution would be automaticly engaged when kill a Eilte with two-handed melee weapons, it was some kind un-avoidable. My suggestion is give a player option whether they want to performance an Execution, like when the Elite is low HP(like lower than 10%), it would have a floating text on  the Eilte's head like "press F to Execution", and if player press the button, the Execution would be performance, and it they dont press button, it would no Execution and players can still kill the Elite using regular attack moves.

And that's all the feedbacks so far I gathered from the players in my cabal, thanks again for the Devs bring us a good 40k games, it has been years I haven't saw a 40k game had tha amount of players in game and made such a big community, keep up the good works, and the I behave all the chinese player here to give the best wish to Inquisitor Martyr Community!

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6 years 267 days ago

1. i would be cool if you get more fate per mission if you do fate related stuff like activate all shrines , rescue guardsman or find every chest in a relict searching mission.

2. fate trough actions in the missions , close warpportals in the map who ar not related to the missionobtjectiv , per executed champion 1 point , per executed miniboss 3-5 points.

3.  specialization of cabals ! like the three main ordos of the inquisition the grandmaster of the cabal should chose whats there favorite heresy , purgin , assassination , hunting , and so on and if the cabalmember do such a mission he gets extra fate points.

3.1. maybe but a real big maybe if fate plays some role in the evulution of the cabal in the future you sould get even more fate out of missions playing together with your cabalmembers in coop.

thats what i came up with because i also dont like the fate situation as it is now.

6 years 267 days ago

also blitzrieg and Purifying flame heroic deeds need fix

6 years 267 days ago

The initial fate grind is a bit rough, I will give you that, but harder missions do seem to give more fate.  I'm in the 275 system now and I'm getting fate much faster than before (seems like I'm pulling 7-8 per mission now).  I can see some areas it needs improvement (or conditions to earn bonus fate such as a bounty board or something would be AWESOME), but as a whole, so far it isn't bad.  I like how it prevents people from getting geared instantly.  Back two or three patches ago when it was first introduced, you could be fully decked out in the best gear at the time within a few hours because fate was super easy to get/unlimited.

As mentioned before me, I really would like to see more cabal functionality.  Having more specialization type things to work towards, or a Cabal store or whatever would be awesome.  I do recall there being a lot more planned for cabals though (including a fortress IIRC) so I am excited to see that evolution.