February 2020 ps4 update bugs


Scarred for life changed from 5M to 2M in text but progression shows 2M/5M still.

Hero of the Imperium says 750 Fate but progress still shows 948/5k

Gun Wrecker seems to be buggy. I've destroyed more than 22 guns/flames but that's all the progress I have.

Bleached veins says 250 booster uses but progress bar says 2.5

Executioner says 50 executions  but progress says 500

Blessed by the omnissiah says 20 belt uses but progress shows 50

Path of the zealous says 10k class resource but progress says 100k

Relentless says respawn 15 times but progress says 100

And before the recent update a tarot card could be used repeatedly in the same mission. Was that removed on purpose ?

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February 2020 ps4 update bugs
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10 days ago
We just corrected the problem, the next update will bring the fixes to PS4. Thanks again for the report!
11 days ago

We will check the progress bars, thanks for listing them all!

This was a bug in the game, according to the original design the same Tarot cards could not be repeatedly applied onto a mission. We fixed it with the latest patch. @DAEDRAEL‍ 

11 days ago
I hate that it's not possible to triple dip on the tarot cards anymore!! Can't do 3x XP during leveling or 3x Intel for farming... It sucks so bad now!!!