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im playing a psyker, and in my mainhand i have a sword.
i switched the keybind for the melee attack to LMB so that i whack the monster i click.
when i TAB to my 2h staff, i want the main ranged blast to allso be on LMB, but its now bound to 1
so i have to switch keybinds whenever i switch weapons.
please let me have my sword/rod in whatever hand i choose, or let me have 2 sets of keybinds.
thanks for reading

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feature request
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6 years 46 days ago

I would love it to adjust the keybinds, for the skills.  Some melee weapons have their aoe ability on 1 others on 2 for example, i want the freedom to switch. 

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6 years 46 days ago
Thanks for the feedback, we are considering this.