Fate mission bugs.


Sure this has been reported before but its getting to the point of not being able to say ahh well the games new. 

I play a lot of coop with the wife,  either she is leader or me and we are doing tarot missions on impossible as we are both nearing lv 50 with our mains which is now costing us 140 fate. We keep getting these problems. 

A: One of us has a black screen and the other one joins a random party, and its not the mission we had planed on doing. which either the host will kick us from or we have to run though it which is fine as at least we get xp loot etc.

B: We get dropped into an already live mission.

C: We suddenly have a group of four when we haven't been near the coop mission terminal.

D: With some of the above problems upon mission completion the game dumps us back on the bridge skipping the rewards but taking the fate for the mission, again at 140 a pop. 

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Fate mission bugs.
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3 years 114 days ago
I had something similar with a friend:

- I created and started the tarot mission
- we both accepted and started loading
- he got into the mission
- I ended up on the bridge
- I did a quick ALT-F4, then start client again, got a reconnect offered
- I also joined the mission
- we completed it without any further anomalies
- we both got no end reward screen, no loot, no exp, no nothing
- still costed fate