Fate and Glory explained (vid) + Short rant

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Fate and Glory explained (vid) + Short rant
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7 years 113 days ago
Airsick Hydra

Sorry, that one will not wash. Born Hyde Park Corner you see!

Nice try though lol
BTW Tarot cards originated in Italy

This comment was edited 7 years 113 days ago by Grey Knight
7 years 113 days ago
Grey Knight

ok i just listened back - it's the london accent xD nothing else.... it's very very common here to not include or emphasis the final T in words unless you want to sound falsely "posh" - so words like that, carrot, hat, etc all skip the T and have a much much softer t instead. 

The french are allowed to skip letters, why aren't we xD equal rights!!

7 years 113 days ago

HAHA must be somethign to do with my EQ settings that reduce the T perhaps, I can assure you I know how to say the word tarrot :D - i'll look into this

thanks for commenting - my regular audiophile xD

7 years 114 days ago

First off, it is good to hear the sound back towards what it was.

I am only 5 minutes into the video as I type this but, I am sorry I have to point out this out as for some reasons it is driving me nuts; the word 'tarot' is pronounced 'tarrow' as in marrow with the second T being silent, it is not a variant of a carrot! lol
Regardless, back to the video. :)

7 years 114 days ago