Extreme Lag/Stutter Stepping; Teleporting/Blurred Enemy Movement; enemies doingd amage normally -you taking 2-5 Seconds


For most of the past week, my gameplay has had severe spikes in laggy gameplay resulting in stutter stepping/mini teleporting and skills and abilities taking anywhere from2  to 5 seconds to trigger.

I can't finish seasonal void crusade achievements because missions that should be takinga few minutes when you are rushing just the objectives and ignoring everything else are taking 5 to 10 minutes to complete and a good chunk of the time you are dying (or your VIP's are getting killed when they shouldn't) purely because of laggy gameplay.

At first I figured itw as the servers, butw e're in the middle of the week, I play in a non-peak time most of the time and there usually isn't issues. then there were all the issues withs tashes disappearing,c haracf6ters not loading, tech priests notc rafting or forging and all of those things have been fixed so I figured the stuttering and laggy gameplay would also be fixed.

But it hasn't.

Lets look at what is happening in more detail:

Valorous heart gameplay, I can currently get between 500 and 600 vengeance each missile strike with my shotgunc rusader wi5thout lag. So 5000 to 6000 vengeance by the end for 10 to 12 reward caches.

Valorous heart with the current stutter step/lag - I die in at least half the attempts, and at best make between 2500 and 3000 vengeance. That's if I don't get killed. And I shouldn't be getting killed. But teh lag is doing it.

Normal missions/void crusades, especially where there are lost of elements on the screen att once - I am getting between 2 and 3 seconds of lag normally for most actions and upwards of 5 seconds. My character is a blur and mini teleports about 2 steps forewards with each movement but that movement and distance covered is taking several second slonger then it should.

I have had lag of up to 2 seconds between each round fired froma  5 round burst shot, when your burst shot takes 8 seconds to fire alkl 5 rounds instead of 2ish at best, there are issues. Firing your cyclone missile launcher when it triggers willr esult in not smootha rcing fire but delayed jittery straight line arcs that take longer to move forwards and most of the time they aren't firing teh full ddistance they normally would either.

Chaos Spawn literallya blur on the screen moving at you.

Gettin stuck on little barricades you would normally spend a second going around because you are also firing a mobile weapon and the game craps itself because it can't process thye two movements and abilities at the same time, and that's assuming you can even tell there is a barricade or wall inf ront of you.

The worst part is that the enemy damage hits you as normal, so whilst you may be doing 10 to 20% of the damage you normally would, the enemy damage is nots lowed down in almost allc ases. So you die, where you shouldn't.

As I said above, I cannot finish void crusades because I keep dying to this stutter stepping and lag.

It is not my gaming rig, the game files have all been verified and the system is clean and shiny. But the past week or so, the game ahs been almost imppossible to play effectively and this is really frustrating.

Please help.

Ingame name: KhorneOnTheCob

Cabal Name: Puns For the Pun God


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281 days ago

Ok a very strange thing is happening - the lag and stuttering is created when having 25 Toughness. And it is solved by reducing Toughness. In mission, if toughness is 25, massive lag and jerkiness happens, making the game barely playable. And when the toughness is dropped by a point, the game begins to run smoothlly. I can repeat this any number of times. The difference is night and day, and the only difference in what I do is changing the toughness value.

283 days ago
Unplayble lag in missions for me today on seasonal character. Delay in movement when key pressed, character keeps moving when key released, delay in firing, jerky movement and animations.
286 days ago
Exactrly brother Kandari, if I coudl record video I would have already - clearly showing same builds on season and nons eason, and nons eason with no issues for the most part but season just tanking.

Hardcore crusade, amber level, the easiest difficulty one is the hardest because at each point you need to clear a chaos sorcerer appears and as soon as they appear your character freezes. Doing the harder end missions are easier because whilst you may lag, you still can do the damage in straight up fights if it lets you taregt t5he weak sytuff and youc an blow up a screen. But it's just so much bull crap it hurts.

I want to keep playing this game.

I want to mess around witha single unique enhchant and everything else blue or green items (because you can't find common items or make them) to challenge myself,m but the biggest challenge is simply being able to use abilities or move without getting killed.

Without obsecene health on hit or crit or regen, I'd be dead so often it would hurt and I would have left already. As is, I am so close to just walking away from the game, and I have 740 hours of gameplay in it...

287 days ago
And today again it was some of the Missions nearly utterly totally impossible to play. And I Mean it WAS BAAADD!.

And others again it was (at least) possible to do play, but still bad.

I don´t know what it is that does it, and I have played this game for a long time, and I am not used to this game being THIS BAD at times. Seriously, this needs to get checked up and done something with Devs. It can´t be like this, because sometimes it is truly so bad that it is nearly IMPOSSIBLE to play.

In fact I wished I had the possibility to take a video of some of my plays today so that everyone could actually SEE how SERIOUSLY BAD it can sometimes be.

Something GOT to be done with this issue. Because this is so bad that it will cause players to just stop altogether.

288 days ago
Today I had some issues again like lagging, stuttering and some partial freezing, but not on all Missions. But I did notice and remember on especially the Mission where you are supposed to Destroy all Portals this was sometimes very bad.

Sometimes I had big issues using my Inoculator as well. Pressing repeatadly on button and nothing happens at all. Not sure why that is, though.

291 days ago
For me, this issue now, is at least I can say, better. Not perfect, but much better.
292 days ago
It's been nigh on 3 weeks now and this problem is still an issue. You get too many enemies on screen and the game is unplayable...for your seasonal character.

My non-seasonal character has zero issues whatsoever.

Marcopolocs hasn't lpooked at these boards since a day after I posted this thread, even so, you'd hope someone else from neocore would skim the forums from time yo time...

299 days ago

Same problem. And it looks like not FPS drops cause the stutter, but network issues.

FPS counter shows 50-60, while on the screen I see something like 10 fps. It's sometimes absolutely unplayable. 

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303 days ago
What you are talking about here and showing doesn´t really make any sense and it doesn´t mean anything according and regarding the main thing here. And what you show have nothing at all to do with that/this. I have played this game for such a long time now that, that I know.
304 days ago

I have similar issues.

Turning off the "frame blending" under graphic-options reduced the "lagging game camera" (display-freezes and delayed graphics by 1-3 sec) a little bit. But i still have stuttering and lag(mini-freezes) when a bit more "action" is happening on the screen. It shouldnt be my system. I am currently playing @ 1080p and was able to play @ 2160p max settings without stuttering some month ago.

I checked the log files and found serveral entrys that may be related to visual-issues. They read something like this:

"2020-07-15 10:39:08.701 ( 288.990s) [GRAPH           ]      CrashReporter.cpp:129      0| Vectored Exception occured: Runtime error

2020-07-15 10:39:08.702 ( 288.992s) [GRAPH           ]        Device_DX11.cpp:4067  WARN| Texture creation failed with code: E_INVALIDARG"

But i am not an expert and have no idea what it exactly means.

Most issues seem to be created by AoE-skills, Explosions, Enemy deaths and/or loot-generation.

Lets hope smooth gameplay returns soon™.

304 days ago
I may also add that sometimes, when walking/running with the Mouse, the stuttering/lagging makes you halt completely. And for 1 or maybe even 2 seconds it is very difficult to move anywhere. This may not be much as such, but it does mean everything, if you are standing in the middle of a group of enemies, explosions and whatnot. And you are having to press the mouse button again to be able to move again away.

Sometimes, you even pick up stuff you normally needs to click on to be able to pick up, even when you are not actually clicking on it as such. This also makes you stop completely.

Anyways,  I can say for sure that all this lag and such is making the game almost unplayable at times. And this is not what I am used to regarding this game. I have 100´s of hours of playtime in it, and this is some of the worst I have ever experienced.

In fact, I should have been in-game playing now. Not sit here and write all this.

304 days ago
Not much I can do about this issue to help out, but at least I know how it is to have laggy and stuttering play. Not in the full amount to which you describe here, but still enough to lose Missions you normally can make through. So at least you know you are not alone and the only one having this issue these days.