Experience Bug with level 100's


Recently noticed that boosting a low level friend on my level 100 does not work anymore. The non 100 does not get the end of mission experience even though it shows they should be getting a certain number of experience points. I could have sworn we have done this and it worked before. I don't know what changed recently, but it is now non functional. We tried taking turns as the booster/boosted. We tried different level ranges. We tried different tarot cards.  Nothing would give the other person the end of mission experience. It seems to be now, that if the host gets 0 experience at the end of the mission, no one else gets the end of mission experience. Am I remembering this incorrectly and this never worked, or is it a recent bug?

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Experience Bug with level 100's
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25 days ago
Yes this a long-standing bug (almost since the beginning of the game in 2019) when the "party leader" hits 100, the rest of the party will not receive any mission experience from completing the mission.   They will ONLY receive experience from the kills in the mission. The developers need to fix this, but only one developer works 1 hour a week on this once per month. 
1. The only way to get around this is to switch to a party leader that is not 100 yet (90+) and make sure everyone else you are boosting has full experience gear on (4 signaums, inoculated, main implant, etc.)