The tutorial says you need a skill active but I cant see one that "allows executions", only the executions tree.

I unlocked the first skill to increase chance by 2% but after 67 missions with a pistol and axe and 10 missions with a chainswod and shield I have yet to see this mythical icon for an execution.

Is it just the base chance is 0.000000000001%, I am just unlucky or am I missing something?

Any help would be great because I really want to rip a hellbrutes face off :)

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6 years 293 days ago

Only Executions i have seen myself perform is the final killing blows on Dreadnaughts and the like, not unlocked the skill tree as yet but would assume since there is a keybind for them that it is an icon to lookout for whilst in a mission purging and said skills boost said chances to perform. 

Possibly that you need full melee to perform them e.g. dual blades, hammer/shield etc.

6 years 292 days ago

So, after some playing and asking in chat it turns out that if you have a 2 handed weapon equipped (I used the great Axe) that you automatically execute all the Elite bosses (Dreads etc) No icons, no skills, no button presses just smack them to death with the axe and it executes them for you.

Still not made it work with my 1 handed power axe or anything else for that matter and its only the bosses, never seen an icon on anything else.

A guy was saying that he got an execution with his chainsword/shield but I cant get that to work either.