Execution have no animation


On ps4 after last patch alot of stuff got better. But hey, where is the animations? Feels like playing an early alpha build sometimes.. 

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Execution have no animation
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1 year 138 days ago
We are planning to make some changes on the executions related to both Boss-type enemies and regular ones too! 
1 year 139 days ago

Is there noone else that plays on console that have this issue. When executing non 'big' bosses and creeps where your inquisitor slams his weapon around fthe target but noghing happens to the target. It just stands there and then falls to the ground. Isnt limbs and syuff supposed to fall off or something? 

1 year 179 days ago
We will check on the matter thank you for sharing the details! 
1 year 180 days ago
What i mean is the character just hits his sword in the air and the monster dont explode or get limbs cut of or anything. The animation of perforning an execute dont exist. The skill is there but when i use it it there is no animation for it. 
1 year 180 days ago

I'm not sure how you meant. You can execute common enemies by unlocking the Execution tree and you also execute Commander and Boss type enemies as well automatically!