Everybody expects the inquisition...


Two weeks ago, I decided to make a commitment to a game I fervently hoped would would help me scratch my lifelong 40k itch. I chose to wait for enough content to hold my interest and actually invest in the testing that an Alpha is meant for. I rarely back a game this early, and so far, I feel I have chosen wisely. There's a few pathing glitches, the occasional lag-bomb that I attribute to my rig and I've even run into a bugged perk, that said... the game "feels" right to me. Neocore is obviously putting in a great deal of effort here to create something unique, and they are winning the war one step at a time. The current ingame community is both friendly and helpful, and I'd like to take a moment to give Ixxolos a bit of credit as he helped me gain a better understanding of the current build and was even kind enough to burn some Fate to finally get me out of Tier 1. That said, I see a great deal of positive interaction ingame and am looking forward to purging the warp-stained filth of the sector in the Emperors' most holy name for many years to come. For those who haven't been able to take the leap of faith yet, I encourage you to do so. 

- Vigil Ironcross

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Everybody expects the inquisition...
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6 years 365 days ago

Thank you very much for this nice feedback! Appreciate it! :)

6 years 364 days ago

Great to see you are thoroughly enjoying the game thus far. Nice to see i'm not the only one who feels backing the game was a wise decision for the future to further sedate the 40k itch. 

Thank you also for the above credit you are more than welcome, glad i helped more than hindered and i look forward to further purging Segmentum Tempestus in his name alongside yourself and fellow Inquisitors alike.