Equipment level


With season 1 we have the opportunity to climb to lv 70.
But is it normal that there is no possibility to have equipment lv 70?
The warzone merchant only sells lv 50 and there is nothing else.
I find myself with a level of equipment higher but the bonuses are much less interesting.

Is this normal?

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Equipment level
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5 years 230 days ago


you may missed our latest announcement which came out along with the official release of Season2.
This includes some bigger changes in Warzone as well!

5 years 231 days ago


Have you found a short-term solution?

For now the warzone is the only thing that can greatly increase the lifespan.

Unfortunately the lack of equipment to loot or buy level 70 greatly reduces the interest of the warzone.

I hope you have found a solution well before the release of season 2 (where there is another warzone).

If this is not the case it will be very long, I am on ps4.

Good luck for the future.

5 years 247 days ago


there will definitely be changes made to the warzone and the munitorum items in the long run, for the better.