Enemies Stuck


A number of enemies in this mission, including Nurglings, Nurgling Mites, and Reborn marauders are getting stuck on nothing. Sometimes they'll be doing their movement animation in one spot, and sometimes they don't move at all. it was a Spoils of War mission on Aphagia Minor.

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Enemies Stuck
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4 years 257 days ago

This happened to me yesterday when there were a ton of enemies group up together, some of them got stuck even after I killed all the moving enemies

4 years 258 days ago

sometime the happens in the room with the hole in the middle, enemys and my own char stuck for Framesecond in the ground near the holes edge.

since 0.21 often ranged enemys block close combat chars. 

4 years 258 days ago
Thanks for your feedback, we will check this issue out ASAP!