[PC] End-of-Season Maintenance Tomorrow 1PM CEST & Season 6 Closure Details


Fellow Inquisitors, 

Season 6 will come to an end tomorrow, June 14th. Starting at 1PM CEST / 7AM EST servers will not be available for a while, as they will be undergoing maintenance.

The end of the Season is closing in on us, and with it, it is time to recap what happens to your Seasonal characters.  

  • First of all, after the Season of Escalation ends, there will be a two-week period to allow players to sort out their merged gear and characters and prepare for the new tasks. 
  • Seasonal characters will simply become non-seasonal, regular characters, so you will be able to keep playing with them. The items you have on your characters, stash, and inventory will be also transferred over to non-season. Seasonal items with special names and enchants will remain - you might find some use to their special enchants during upcoming events! 
  • There are several Seasonal mechanics tied to the Seasonal Journey and the Objectives in it - those rewards tied to the Journey will not be carried over, such as the Store discount bonuses. However, the remaining Seasonal Shards that your character might have, albeit not dropping or craftable anymore, will be carried through into non-season. 
  • Currencies like Favor, Credits, and Fate will be simply merged into non-season. It is time to buy all that extra stuff with the goods you have earned! Crafting materials such as Sparks of Glory will be merged as well. Speaking of crafting, your blueprint charges on Seasonal characters should add up to your non-seasonal charges. All your unlocked blueprints, and Inoculator unlocks should be carried over safely as well. 
  • Aside of items and crafting, Campaign and assignment progress is going to be carried over as well, of course, along with Ordo and Influence unlocks. Your Heroic Deeds that you have unlocked on your Seasonal Inquisitor should now be unlocked on your regular characters. Heroic Deed progress should be carried over and added to your existing progress, so you may get some additional unlocks! 
  • Tarot Card progress should work in a bit different way: Unlocked tarot cards will be carried over, but for the cards in progress, the player will receive the same amount of tarot card items instead. Tarot Seals will simply be carried over and merged into non-Season. 
  • Your active missions should remain as they are, such as Intels and Void Crusades. 

When this all happens, there should be a longer maintenance period so we can ensure that everything is transferred over correctly. After this period ends, there will be two weeks of inter-Seasonal time so you can freely sort out your characters and stash. 

Be aware, however! The heretics will have plenty of time to regroup in those two weeks, and some well-deserved purging should be in order for them once Season 7 kicks off. Prepare for battle!

The emperor protects!


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1 year 30 days ago

Server is up

1 year 30 days ago

approximately how long will the maintenance take?

1 year 31 days ago
Start the character now my man that DlC and new season update ain’t ever coming!! It’s just an eternity of soon! 
1 year 31 days ago
Post updated with exact times
1 year 44 days ago
Consoles are on Season 4 right now, but Season 5 is coming with the Sororitas DLC. 
1 year 44 days ago
Malevolent missions sound interesting, a minor twist on mission types for a small refresh. The buffs read a bit like mini psalm doctrines for the enemies.

Hopefully, there will also be something extra - my favourite season is still the Soul Grinder one, that was a fun mechanic.

Maledictive VCs look to be fun, especially on hardcore mode. The question is, will Neocore add tech fragments to the resources that are merged with the non-seasonal account at the end of next season? Or will TA continue to be the only class that does not get all its mats and resources moved and is split between either continuing to play the seasonal character (and thus duplicating the grind) or finishing the season and moving back to the main TA to continue the grind.

I also see that the ultra-rare frame is back - let's see if everyone gets one by level 10 again.

1 year 44 days ago
Since this is for pc.

Is the console update for season 6 going to be coming along? As i would like to start a seasonal character but i am affraid of the new season arriving as i start. 

1 year 44 days ago
Just read the updated compendium about the upcoming Season 7.

The enchant browser feature is great ! 

Wish I could say so for the seasonal items too...Since a new season requires the player to start from bare hand, people really need some good motivation.