End of Mission Timer Multiplayer


I am loving the game but I wish the auto extraction timer was longer. sometimes there are extra elites or chests way way past the last objective. 

The worst offenders in this are the escort missions where the troops extract and you have a room full of enemies and a big chest in the back. sometimes you can swing wide and avoid the troops leaving sometimes you risk their deaths swinging wide, sometimes it all works out.

I know it's a lot to ask but if the timer was longer or if you could just hang out and search after it's done and let the other leave that would be wonderful. 

Numerous times everyone is ready to leave immediately and there is a hoard to cleanse! I'm new so chests and more enemies means more loot for me that I very badly need. does anyone else feel like me? maybe I miss the point of the short auto extraction feature.

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End of Mission Timer Multiplayer
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147 days ago
After completing the main objective of the mission you can stay for a short period of time before exiting the game but a certain period later you will be transferred back to your ship automatically. I would suggest you to try not to complete the mission by avoiding the mission goal as much as possible! 
149 days ago
On the Escort or Rescue missions, the time starts even if there a Boss avail in the next room. I am talking about the times when the mission "ends" because there is no way to avoid its "end" yet there are tons of things to kill ie next room/platforms towards the back. 
151 days ago

there are not so much loot in fact. never mind. one blue or green item basically and few credits. good items drop out from the Villains.