Email verification not working for Inquisitor


So for days I have now been trying to get the stupid email verification working (like why is that even required to play...), tried having it sent to different email accounts, checked my spam folders...nothing.

Then support sent me a direct link to use, but still no dice, the game still wants me to verify my email when in the main menu of the game, even after that.

How can this be so hard in 2022...

Any ideas ?

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Email verification not working for Inquisitor
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60 days ago
Are you playing on PC? If yes, please let me know your in-game account name (the one you added when logged in for the first time). If you play on console, please provide me your PSN / Gamertag.

There is no email requirement to play the game on PC. You should be able to create a character in the Main menu and then can press Play.