(Elite?) Dreadnought crash bug


Just did my first mission after a week or so away from the game.  Was looking forward to actually being able to finish a mission with the stability tweaks that were done (especially the bug that crashed the game on me whenever I was fighting a dreadnought/elite enemy).

Turns out, not quite so fixed.  Did a "Spoils of War" mission and engaged a Nurgle Dreadnought, which charged me out of its room into the hallway.  As I was engaging it with a Plasma Cannon rapid fire (right click), the game crashed to a black screen.

Considering the frequency with which I experienced this bug before, I wouldn't be reporting this so quickly except that, when I had to hard reset my system, my display would not return after reboot (Full sounds, no display, occasional white static during power cycle).  Eventually, I got it up by having to leave the system powered down until my monitor reported no display (~10 seconds after power down).  Once done and restarted, it worked fine, afterwards.

I was fearful that the crash caused a serious issue with either my GPU or display drivers, hence the report.

GTX 1070, driver version 378.49

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(Elite?) Dreadnought crash bug
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