Early Impressions of Patch VO.2.1


Some early observations, thoughts and discovered issues.

Las Pistol – Noticed that the skills have been swapped around; found out the hard way as it were in mission. No problem, but next time could we get a ‘heads up’ please.

Mk II and higher blueprints – When I logged into this new patch all my existing higher level blueprints were missing. No problem and, since then I have been acquiring higher level blueprints.

Skulls, alarms and beacons – Really like these additions. Now ‘dread’ seeing those ambush beacons that cannot be targeted that tell me I am walking into an ambush.

+/- Enchantments – Not sure I like these as I am yet to see one that I think the bonus is worth the debuff. They seem to me to be a waste of an enchantment.

Spinning Blow – This skill on the Great Sword and Evisicator has Knockdown and Knockback; these effects just seem odd for the weapons.

Frag Grenade – When attacking mobs in the interior map tile that is a room with raised platforms in each of the corners, I attempted to use a frag grenade. If the grenade is designed to fall down the shaft in the middle of each of these platforms, then nice touch. However, it may be a bug; not sure which it is.

Sniper Shot – When using this skill on the Exitus Rifle, I have found it to be inconsistent when holding down the key to ‘aim’; sometimes it works and other times it just instantly fires. Have not tested it on the sniper rifle yet.

Sinking/ floating marines – Whilst on the new floating platform map, I was attacked by 3 chaos marines, who slowly sunk through the floor and, then after a short period floated back up to the floor. Hope the screen shot helps to find the location.

Blue Mars Death Cult Blade – Could not be salvaged.

New Map textures – Like the new maps, however there have been a couple occasions where the camera view has been blocked by these new features. The new arch design used in the interior corridor maps, when placed at the end of a starting tile and, some of the horizontal girders of the floating platform map.

Warp Gate, Floating Platform map – Encountered one that did not ‘activate’ when I approached it. Not sure if this was as designed or bug.

 Assassin Class – Like the new class, a great deal, and its play style, well done. Do not want to try a mission with a time limit though, but can 'mix it' easily enough just like a Crusader.

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Early Impressions of Patch VO.2.1
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7 years 41 days ago

Nice writeup

Now I might be wrong but I think the enchanted weapons aren't per-se to make the weapon better or higher base damage. Instead to make them somewhat specialised toward specific builds. For eg the +5% crit but -2.5% damage might not give a dramatic DPS increase but once you combine it with the appropriate skill tree and various bells and whistles that can be gained from critting enemies, then I think it's justifiable. Do agree though that at low level they don't seem to have much purpose.

7 years 41 days ago
Airsick Hydra

Thank you for telling me what I am allowed to think, in my feedback.