Early game crash. very frustrating


I just got Inquisitor on steam. I make a character and get through the first level where you get your weapon and fing some goons and reactivate the vox. Then the character goes through a door and a loading screen comes up and the game crashes. Steam verified the integrity of the game files and said they're valid. 

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Early game crash. very frustrating
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155 days ago
A new patch just got released this week which implemented crash fixes as well. Please check on the game if you still experience the same. We hope it will be running fine on your end from this point on.
192 days ago
I reinstalled on a different drive, updated my windows, graphics drivers were already up to date, and the game is already excepted by the windows firewall. I deleted my old char and made a new game. I still got the crash at the same point.
192 days ago

Then please go through the list below:

- Reinstall the game on a different drive

- Update your Windows

- Update your drivers (especially your graphic card)

- Add the game to your Firewall's and Antivirus's exceptions

We hope these help!

193 days ago
That didn't fix it, I got the same thing. 
201 days ago

We would like to ask you to visit your library here: Documents\NeocoreGames and delete the Warhammer Martyr folder. Please let us know if this helped you with the crash problem.

214 days ago
The game launched, i clicked my character, the loading screen came up and started loading, then the game crashed again. 
215 days ago
We updated the live version of the game with a crash fix. Could you please check if you can launch the game now without the crash occurring?