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after a week playing average 4 to 5 hours a day  here are my initial thoughts 

first off love the game I have played betas that did not perform as well as this alpha  i have had no major problems so far great job guys.

I love the feel of the weapons I have only played range so far but the way the guns feel is awesome ... how a plasma gun feels totally different from a lasgun and how they both feel completely different from an auto rifle  not many finished games can say that.

love the complete randomness of the maps and the loot 

combat is fun if not thrilling on challenging levels i have not had this much fun running away from the enemy since diablo 2 

now for the few things I think need a lil bit o love 1st the camera it's awkward using the middle mouse button and even worse using the keyboard tho the more I play the more used to it i get my real issue with it is when you spin it to get a better view sometimes it takes on a more top down view and severely limits your overall view of the battlefield.

the account leveling system is so slow I have close to 30 hours playing and am not lvl 10 yet some of this is due to me having little to no clue on what to do for the 1st few days but still a little frustrating.

maps mainly outside ones it is almost impossible to tell varying levels of terrain and or paths making it easy to get hung up or even stuck it's mainly the colors of both the terrain and natural cover objects. 

lastly the elite mobs on most missions have a certain distance they will go from where they spawned before they turn around and run at near light speed back to their spawn point this can be frustrating especially on a tarot mission where you have to pull the entire group of mobs along with the elite only to have the elite 99 % dead run back ( faster than you can run ) and heal back to 100 % before you catch up ( this probably wouldn't be so bad if I didn't have to wait an eternity for my armors special to cool down ) 

but overall I would and have recommended this game to friends and think you guys have done a great job with this game so far and have to say I am honestly excited to see where it goes 

the Emperor protects 

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my feedback
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