EA Cosmetic?


Always wondered if there was going to be a neat little skin for being part of the EA. 

Not to mention, i had obtained the game thru steam, and would like to at least get the servo skull pet. Is there going to be a Dlc i can purchase for the difference for the collectors ED. or something to that effect?

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EA Cosmetic?
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6 years 170 days ago

They are still working on upgrade packs but can't see them before launch or on steam. The packs are the EA 'gifts' if you got them on the site. Doubt there will be any 'skins' before/a while after launch. There will be a shop after launch to buy cosmetic item's like pets/paints and such. All these things will be coming but I am sure they are only worried about the game play ATM, so don't hold your breath.

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6 years 169 days ago

Should be noted that there are options in the crafting menu in game to do cosmetic mods on armor and such. I think I also read somewhere that you'll be able to scale how 'worn' or covered in heretic/xeno blood. Don't see why there wouldn't be a pre-fab armor texture that pertains to EA.

Edit: Those options in the crafting menu aren't active as yet, so while there may not be something EA specific in the works. Maybe dev's will look into it?

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