While playing with my Assassin and trying out different Dual Wield options I hit a small problem.

I wanted skills 1 and 2 of a Death Cult blade and skills 3 and 4 of an Arc Blade. However when I equip them both I only end up with 1 and 2 for both weapons, making it a pointless exercise. Now, one may argue that this isn’t totally a bad thing, because of the unintended “Able to use all 4 abilities simultaneously” consequences that happens, which may be a horrendously hilarious broken situation. I like insta-killing an elite as much as the next guy, but I would rather have those movement abilities.

A chainsword only has 2 abilities, and a shield only has 2 abilities, so for those weapons you don’t really get this issue.

For one-handed weapons that have 4 abilities, do you want people to mix and match or pick 2 of the same weapon all the time? Would it cause problems to have Right Hand = 1 & 2 with Left Hand = 3 & 4 in situations where you are not using 2 of the same weapon?

Or perhaps you have decided that the 3 & 4 skills are more powerful, and you should commit to 2 of the same weapon to get it?

A problem I have thought about with this is in relation to Melee + Ranged one-hander combos. It may have been your intention to do it the way it currently is to make these more of a trade-off so that you don’t end up with skills 1 & 2 of a melee weapon and skills 3 & 4 of a ranged weapon or vice versa.

What if you were to drag and drop the 2 skills you want from each weapon into your action bar?

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6 years 284 days ago

Implementing ability select for DW would also propably allow in future to enable combiweapons for 2H as they would most likely be able to reuse parts of already existing code. 

6 years 290 days ago

Melee + Pistol and Pistol + Shield are both in the game again. They're decent, depending on the combo.

6 years 291 days ago

Mixing and matching one handed weapons was possible in an earlier version, I remember having a Power Sword and I think it was a Laspistol. It was fun but there was an animation issue when using the Laspistol. Now, as I recall they changed this so it was paired (chainsword + shield for example) and they mentioned they were going to work on this issue and bring it back so you could freely mix and match.

If anything it's just a waiting game on getting this back, most likely at full release or perhaps just after. They do have a lot of other stuff to work on first :P

6 years 292 days ago

Thanks for your comment. Yes, I think they should cut away some of the one-handers that are not really one-handers. Using one Arc blade with something else takes away the best move of the weapon, the jump attack. 

My situation came about specifically because I had 2 purple weapons, one death cult blade and one arc blade. In the end I settled for a green arc blade. If, as you say, the items are already a paired set, then you don't have to keep hunting until you got a second one of comparable quality with the stats you liked.

To further your point about how it may mess up loot tables, I think there's potential to use the Fusion system to make your own dual-wield sets. You can combine 2 items into a pair which will have predetermined skill combinations.

6 years 292 days ago

i will say the ranged/melee combo presents unique difficulties, because many of the dual pistol setups actually have animations that create two beams/shots/volleys/what have you. they would essentially have to create a third set of skill for melee/pistol combos to avoid broken animations and other such hilarity. if they intend to keep pistol/melee in game,  i think it would be good to actually set up a dedicated playstyle for it with unique abilities, otherwise scrap it. something interesting as a possibility would be something similar to FFXIV's system, where you can have actual dedicated dual wield setups...paired laspistols/blades/ whatever that have an actual 4 ability dedicated set of moves, and the regular one handers that only have 2. that way, you're not trying to balance pistol damage around 2 separate weapons, but you can maintain that feel of it being different from using a rifle, and they'd still benefit from onehanded weapon perks if such exist. then, you can give the onehand only weapons slightly stronger or more useful skills, and not worry about it breaking the dual wield setups. so a one handed pistol can have an advancing shot, and the melee weapon can have some aoe clear or single target burst like they currently do, without either hurting a dedicated melee or ranged setup. you can even pair weapon/shield combos and have them function uniquely, as a powersword/stormshield combo would be focused around assault and nimble combat, while a power hammer and suppresion shield would be focused on getting in and tanking hits while slapping elites around. the idea is you can focus on a playstyle for a certain setup, rather than trying to balance the weapons individually.